New Decade, Restoration of Greatness

With the dawning of a new decade, the American People need to reflect on our past greatness, and the restoration of that greatness in the future.

The political systems in Washington, the  States, and our local governments, are infiltrated with those who would deny the people our country’s greatness, and its Beacon of Liberty which  has shone throughout the world since America’s founding.

Our country’s forefathers labored extensively to provide the people a government which would not be under the thumb of a central bureaucracy. Yet, since the turn of the 20th century, the elements of socialism, progressivism and Marxism have worked to undermine our own liberties and freedom, while having us concentrate on being the policeman, and caretaker of the world.

Our country has been stolen from us!

The People are no longer in control of the government. Special interest lobbyists pad the pockets of hired gun politicians who were placed there by the dollars generated from purchases by the American people. You buy goods, the company finds their  ” Golden Boy”  politician or party, and then fund them into a seat in our “republican” government.

These same politicians, once in the seat of power, lay out, propose, and vote in the agendas being paid for by their special interest financiers. The American people, who this so called “statesman” is supposed to represent, is ignored, even though its crys are heard loudly  and visually, even unto the steps of the Capital in Washington DC.

It is given to us the right, the duty, to call to account those who would bind us in the chains of tyranny. We are to work to identify the individuals, special interests, and lobbyists who are pushing us to be subjugated under the power of an ever increasing central government.

Our call to action is to unite with those who would fight for the cause of Liberty and Freedom. Align ourselves with  people working to identify and remove the sickness which has corrupted our political system.

Let us identify and support statesmen who will represent the People, and restore honor to the office  of those who would walk away from their everyday life with their family and friends, and would raise their right hand and swear an oath to uphold the U. S. Constitution.

Let us get representatives that actually work to fulfill their oath.

For Freedom and Liberty.