It Won't be Hillary

Lately I have seen a lot of speculation about Hillary as Obama’s VP but it my view all evidence and rational thought points to someone else. As many decisions Obama has made that are obviously against his own self interest, I can’t believe that he could make such a porous choice. Here are the most significant reasons why Hillary as Obama’s VP would be the equivalent of political suicide.

  1. Hillary’s primary campaign can be exploited by McCain’s team.

Hillary constantly attacked Obama during the primary in an extremely vicious and aggressive manner. McCain’s campaign team would have a field day with all the sound bites of Hillary contending that Obama is inexperienced, naïve, and an empty suit. McCain of course has already used the “speech he gave in 2002” comment in an ad. It’s hard to believe Obama wants a Vice President that has endorsed his opponent. Another issue that arises with Hillary on the ticket is that her image contends with two of Obamas major themes, that politics should be a courteous affair and that change is necessary in Washington. Hillary is the epitome of attack ad politics and of Washington’s old guard.

  1. Hillary will remind everyone of Obama’s crawl to the finish line and other bad memories of the primary.

Nearing the Texas and Ohio primaries Obama thought he had the finish line in sight. He had won Super Tuesday and since then had almost won a dozen states in a row. Many called for Hillary to concede. We all remember what happened next. Hillary won Texas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, to almost even out the contest. Obama was having trouble connecting to rural democrats, and had been beaten badly at a debate in constitution hall. Obama was only able to eke out the victory because the super-delegates didn’t want the race to continue until the convention. Hillary as VP will be a reminder of the unconvincing fashion in which Obama won. She will remind everyone that Obama didn’t win the popular vote, that with Michigan and Florida counting she would have won, and that Obama couldn’t seem to win rural voter. The democratic primary left many sizable chinks in Obama’s armor. Does Obama really want to remind everyone of some of his most glaring weaknesses?

  1. Hillary may be still hoping to take the nomination from Obama

What other reason could there be for putting herself back on the ballot. It’s hard to know what could be decided among super delegates in the smoke free rooms at the Democratic convention. Some delegates could be weary with Obama’s performance of late. Of course it would probably never come close to happening but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible.

I think that it is hard to argue that Hillary as VP wouldn’t be beneficial for Obama. I only covered a few of a long list of reasons.One other thing. If Obama gives Hillary the VP position it will demonstrate that Obama isn’t ready to handle the complexities of foreign policy. After all how can Obama handle Putin and the Russians or the Chicoms if he can’t stand up to Clintons.