Goldberg's "Brave New Village: Hillary Clinton..."

The Ninth Chapter of Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism.

Brave New Village: Hillary Clinton and the Meaning of Liberal Fascism

As he says in an early paragraph of this chapter, Goldberg intends to give us “a group portrait of Hillary and her friends – the leading proponents and exemplars of liberal fascism in our time.” In doing so, he divides the main body of the material presented into the following named sections:

  • The Politics of Human Reconstruction,
  • The Totalitarian Temptation,
  • The First Lady of Liberal Fascism,
  • Everything Within the Village,
  • Eternal Corporatism, and
  • Think of the Children.

The two passages that struck me most strongly are from the 4th and 6th sections. Within the context of thorough documentation and careful development, they show Hillary’s devotion to 1.) the growth of the state, and 2.) the destruction of individual liberty.

From Everything Within the Village:

In Clinton’s village, however, there is no public square where free men and women and their voluntary associations deal with each other on their own terms free from the mommying of the state. There are no private transactions, just a single “spiritual community that links us to a higher purpose” managed by the state.

And from Think of the Children:

What Clinton means when she says we cannot permit ideologues to “subvert” the discussion on children is that there can be no debate about what to do about children. And what must be done is to break the unchecked tyranny of the private home,…