RS Book Notes, Week #6 - The 1960s: Fascism Takes to the Streets

Reading the Fifth Chapter of Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism then posting our thoughts about it is our 6th week’s assignment in Red State’s Book Notes project.

Liberal Fascism

Chapter 5:

Sandwiched between this chapter’s introductory and summary pages, Goldberg presents his discussion in three named sections:

  • The New Left’s Fascist Moment,
  • The Action Cult, and
  • Building a Politics of Meaning.

Particularly memorable for me are a few money quotes that made me shout “YES!” (in a metaphorical sense – I’m really a very quiet reader), two from the chapter’s early pages and another near its end.

Youth politics – like populism generally – is the politics of the tantrum and the hissy fit. The indulgence of so-called youth politics is one face of the sort of cowardice and insecurity that leads to the triumph of barbarism.

What was once the hallmark of Nazi thinking, forced on higher education at gunpoint, is now the height of intellectual sophistication.

Today the liberal left’s version of the 1960s makes about as much sense as it does to remember Hitler as the “man of peace” described by Neville Chamberlain.