RS Book Notes, Week #5 - Franklin Roosevelt's Fascist New Deal

Reading the Fourth Chapter of Jonah Goldberg’s Liberal Fascism then posting our thoughts about it is our 5th week’s assignment in Red State’s Book Notes project.

Liberal Fascism

Chapter 4:

Following his now-familiar structure, we find between the several introductory and summary pages that Goldberg has divided the main body of this chapter into the following named sections:

  • Progressive From the Beginning,
  • An “Experimental” Age,
  • Stealing Fascist Thunder,
  • Remembering the Forgotten Man, and
  • The Fascist New Deals.

Having been born in the 1940s, I can relate to much of the material presented here almost as “current events” rather than “old history.” And I find it particularly frightening that individuals I’ve known all my life actually participated, on one side or another, in the terrors here described.

Before reading this chapter, I didn’t know that the Philadelphia Eagles NFL football team was named after Roosevelt’s horrendously oppressive “Blue Eagle” program. Did you? That’s not something that’s talked about anywhere, is it? I can remember as a boy seeing Blue Eagle signs and stickers still openly displayed, but no one anywhere or at any time ever explained to me exactly what they meant. History is so quickly white-washed, isn’t it?

The ease with which Roosevelt and his cronies consistently acted both extra-constitutionally and unconstitutionally to exert governmental authority over every aspect of the lives of American citizens slightly over half a century ago makes me think they’d be proud of what their big-state brethren in the federal government are doing today.

Maybe it’s just me, but the realities of what today’s Progressives are doing, especially when considered against the backdrop of what they did during the 1930s and 1940s, make me mighty damned glad for the Second Amendment to our Constitution!