Are the Democrats America's Taliban?

I was doing some research on the Taliban for an unrelated reason, and much to my shegrin, the more I read about them the more they began to sound like American Democrats.

Ok, that may sound silly to those people whol are still ideologically ass backwards – after all, to them the world is still rosey and full of nothing but sunshine and lolipops – but to those of us living on planet eart, there are some frightening parallels between the Taliban and American Democrats.

But why take my word for it? Let’s list out some of the parallels:

  • It’s our way or no way
  • We are ideologically superior and justified
  • Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions…
  • Equality?
  • Monitor and police dissenters
  • Rules are meant to be broken… If it benefits us.

And it goes on and on but I think you get the point. We don’t need to get into things like ideas on business and “taxes” or how to deal with dissenters…

But that’s not the point, is it? What piques my interest isn’t how many similarities there are between the two groupsl, but simply fact that there are any similarities at all! But I guess, historically speaking anyway, societies need their Talibans. We need to have people out there who believe that they hold the ideological and moral high ground in society – and as history has shown, eventually these groups go overboard and start to inflict harm on the people in the name of “doing the right thing.”

But let’s back up a moment here and forget about the “how” and instead look at the “why.” Fundamentally, what makes the Taliban tick? What motivates their actions? Generally speaking, it’s the simple fact that they believe that they are doing what is right. They are society’s moral police. Everything they do is done in the name of a greater good. They are morally and indeologically superior to society and therefore they must use force to ensure that others comply with their beliefs.

Holy crap! You could take this same list of motivating factors and apply it to the Democrats without having to make any adjustments. Of course, the “how” is different, but “how” the goals are accomplished and upheld take a very distant back seat to “why” they are doing these things. Whether through physical force or force of law, the “how” is simply a means to enforce an ideology – and it is the smilarities in ideology between the Taliban and Democrats that is so interesting.

But since now I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself that you’re reading the nonsensical rantings of a lunatic – after all, the evil right wing is clearly more closely associated with the Taliban than the bless’ed left – but consider just one thing before passing judgmnent on me: Which side of the political spectrum wants to force their way upon the whole because “they are ideologically superior?”

Think I’m wrong? Break it down and explain it to me then.