Donald Trump and the Death of Conservatism


Many people and pundits (because pundits are people too) fret the destruction that will be wrought by a president Donald J Trump. Many others decry the existential threat to our nation that would befall us with a President Hillary Clinton.

There is no benefit in relitigating the Republican primary as if we could have back our choice. Instead we can simply appreciate and understand how we have arrived and this place and time. The post mortem on conservatism is still being written. And the eulogies are not yet dry on the lips on our undertakers.

However, the cause of death needs to be reported.

We died a suicide of a thousand cuts. Our hands are red with our own blood and our side is riven with self-inflicted wounds. We committed hari-kari to our own shame.

If you want to understand how we’ve been left with the choice of blunt or corrupt, consider the opportunity we had and lost. We failed this nation. Conservatives from Rush to Will and everyone in between and around them failed. They failed to understand the stakes. They failed to communicate the necessity of conservatism. They failed to articulate a vision for America strengthened by our founding principles. They failed. We failed where they left it to us.

We didn’t educate our children. We didn’t take to the streets. We didn’t protest and resist and beat back the egress of government. We didn’t die for this nation, because we’ve already shed too much blood. Those of us who know that we donated and marched and shouted have to ask ourselves: to what end? What did we accomplish? Because this is a war and the other side is taking scalps while we are losing ground. We retreated to soon. When we fought it lacked strategy and skill. We are the midwives of our own miscarriage.

We didn’t raise the standards of character and virtue in our institutions, corporations and families. We allowed objective morality and practical ethics to become rancid with relativism. We didn’t unify around the foundational, essential and necessary truths of scripture. Our churches are weak, inept and hollow. Even the orthodox and evangelical fail to confess the power of politics and culture to shape the minds of people. Instead we welcome persecution as if God prefers more death and suffering to men and women who honor, love and worship Him.

We didn’t reject the call of liberalism and dependency. We didn’t bite the bullet of tough love in our cities and neighborhoods. Instead we abandoned them to drugs and crime. We ran to small towns and suburbs, now infested with drugs and crime. We didn’t reject the siren call of social security, medic-aide-care, and welfare. We didn’t reform them when reform was the last resort. We embraced the government teat and suckled with the rest of the brood.

We didn’t turn off the plague of Hollywood depravity. What is more deplorable than the celebration of perversion, violence and promiscuity? Instead we entertained ourselves on the evil, bread and circuses. And the final course in this banquet of fatalism is our own body. We are political cannibals, eating our own flesh and zombies attacking the few remaining souls.

We didn’t defund the agencies of this government that impinge on our freedom. We didn’t defend ourselves, our states and cities from the annexation of federalism. We didn’t adhere to the constitution and defend it to the bitter end.

How many people are in jail for refusing to abide by unconstitutional laws instituted by a rouge judiciary? How many?! Too few. Most of us gave up and walked away.

We didn’t dry up the funding for institutions of corruption like Harvard, Princeton and Yale. We didn’t alter the course of their brethren in state and community colleges across this nation. Instead we sent our children to the slaughter, like Muslim parents strapping bombs to their own offspring or delivering our progeny to the priests of Moloch for sacrifice. We allowed this cancer to take hold and spread throughout our nation. And we smiled, watched TV and played ball.

It is the same insanity and stubbornness that killed conservatism that will do America in.

All the harangue in the world will not convince me or 56% of the American people that the nuclear bomb that is Hillary Clinton compares to the Firestorm that is Donald Trump. One is death while the other is destruction. However, destruction is all we have left and what we need to expunge the rot and decay at the bottom of this nation. We didn’t do what we had to do to protect and preserve conservatism.

All we have left is the nation that was once called The United States of America.  For now.