Conservative Media and The Importance of the Truth


Rush’s job is to tell the truth.

He can cast himself as a businessman and entertainer. He can say his only purpose is to acquire and hold the largest audience possible and charge confiscatory advertising rates. But these are SECONDARY purposes. No business is in business solely to make money. If the only thing that mattered was making money you should be a drug dealer. But there are always other considerations.

Profit is an essential and necessary byproduct of providing value to customers. Period. Don’t doubt me. The reason Rush has a show is because of the truth telling service he provides. The foundation of fidelity to the truth gives rise to everything else he owns and the person he has become.

This is true of all Conservative Media. When they fail to tell the truth, we leave. It is possible that we only slowly walk away. But eventually conservatives abandon media that does not explicitly seek the truth and share it boldly. Even more so when it spews lies.

Rush feints incredulity over the accusation that he has contributed to the rise of Trump and the obstacles that Cruz faces. He rejects the idea that the reason Ted Cruz hasn’t won enough primary votes and delegates to clinch the nomination is because conservative media hasn’t rallied to his banner. His mind is boggled.

I will no longer take Rush at his word.

As usual, Rush misses the bigger picture and imbeds a grain of truth in order to position himself. Certainly each candidate has the responsibility to craft and launch their own message and campaign. No thinking conservative would disagree. Cruz and his supporters fully accept the responsibility for convincing people that he is the best candidate for president.

Cruz will not overtly and specifically blame the conservative media for the challenges he faces in this campaign. I guarantee that Cruz had no illusions about how he would be treated in the media. That mindset and his preparation has steeled his resolve in the midst of mountains of opposition.

My speculation, with no hard evidence to support it, is that Rush is personally invested in the campaign strategies being employed by the candidates.

Think about some of things that Rush Limbaugh has said about inviting candidates down to “kiss the ring.” Rush does see himself as an influential political thinker even if he’s not a formal consultant. He has had conversations with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz that included advice about how he thinks a conservative can win presidential election.

The first half of that statement is without dispute, the second half is nearly as rock solid.

Rush Limbaugh probably advised Trump and Cruz to paint in broad strokes. He would recommend using extemporaneous speeches and a national campaign designed to rally the largest portion of the American populace to the cause.

In conversations Cruz probably did not endorse or support Rush’s plan. He may have even dismissed Rush’s suggestions.

Donald Trump may have listened intently and took to heart what Rush was saying. Therefore, Rush believes that Trump if he wins will do so because of his advice. On the other hand Rush believes that Cruz does not appreciate what he had to offer him. He may believe that Cruz rejects his model of politics

Rush is a media personality and believes that communicating with enthusiasm and passion the ideals of conservatism regardless of terminology is more important than policies, positions and papers. In many ways, Rush is correct. But his personal pride in animus is motivating his lack of support for Ted Cruz.

However, I have to believe that Cruz and many conservatives expected the Conservative Media to support conservatism. This is because conservatism is based on some basic truths about God, man, human nature, government and society.

If they do not hold to these truths, what good are they?

We have a unified political force in the Main Stream Media. Even though the networks are floundering, even if readership and viewership is down, the MSM dictates the news narrative for the day in many cities around this country. It still has an effect on the opinions of voters and by extension the direction of this nation. However diminished as we have made it, the media continually exerts its power.

And likewise, Conservative Media should support the most conservative candidate in the race. If you don’t want to endorse a particular candidate that is your prerogative. However, in order to maintain your position in the media landscape you have to tell the truth. You have to support conservatism.

Without serving this function there is no difference between the agenda oriented media of the right or the left. They are both self-serving enterprises for the expansion of personal power at the expense of the people in this country.