Live Blogging the Rush Limbaugh Show 4/20/16

We’ve had multiple posts on Rush Limbaugh on Red State. He’s alienating his own audience. Today I have some time to listen to his show live (while doing other work). Normally I don’t. So, I decided to give my reply to his show live.

I’m sure that many of us have shouted at our radio while listening to our lovable fuzz-ball blowhard. Most of us have turned him off, as have I over the past few weeks. But today I indulge in my bad habit and return to the radio. The real benefit of this live blog is that each section gives me something to write about during the commercial breaks.

12:27 I’m jumping in here after listening to the first half hour. This was basically a rehash of his comments on how the NY primary were real results of actual votes. Now the narrative shifts to Trumps inevitability. Until the next primary changes the narrative again.

12:40 Rush played a clip of Cruz telling people that Trump is scared that he won’t get to 1237. Rush thinks that Trump did not sound scared in his victory speech after the NY primary. Rush failed to mention that Cruz was referring to Trumps decrying the delegate selection process in OTHER states. Cruz is right, Trump is scared that he will come up short and loose on the second ballot. That’s why he’s pitching a fit about states that don’t have open primaries and instead elect delegates directly in convention caucuses.

Rush goes on to point out that Trump could show up at the convention with 1137. Rush is right, most likely Trump will be at least 100 delegates short. Now Trump could reach out and win the support of 100 out of the 200 unbound delegates once we reach Cleveland. But Rush harped on the idea that the people will revolt if Trump has the nomination stolen from him. The RNC does not DENY Trump anything when he fails to get the delegate votes needed to win. TRUMP DOES NOT WIN THE NOMINATION UNTIL THE VOTE IS CAST AT THE CONVENTION . How many times must we say this? Rush has admitted it. Yet, he persists in misrepresenting the fact that if Trump doesn’t get 1237 votes on the first ballot he has not been BLOCKED OR SHAFTED OR SHLONGED. He simply lost.

I’ll ask you, what is the difference between Romney orchestrating a weak field in order to grab the nomination and Trump making the claim that because he is the front runner he deserves to win even if he looses on the first ballot? I’d say that Romney’s play was more dastardly than Trump’s. Especially given his piss poor performance in the general.

Rush did point out that Trump can complete for second ballot delegate votes. I agree, and I think he’s going to need a plan to do so.

1:20 The beginning of the second hour was nearly incoherent due to a battery glitch with Rush’s coclhear implant. Once he got back on track he made the same point we’ve made 1000 times, even if Cruz is “mathematically” eliminated from getting to 1237 so is Trump. And the process of gaining delegate’s support for the second ballot is not cheating. And if you think the system is rigged you should understand this benefits Trump!

1:29 Donald Trump 2.0 is discussed. Now he pivots to the general election and a more presidential tone. Are we supposed to be impressed with Trump’s willingness to rant and rave, call people names and then clean up his act?

1:46 Rush vamps for a bit and then takes a call from a man in Indianapolis. This caller makes the point that Trump is hard to plot on the political spectrum and this throws off commentators. He agrees with the Libertarian Political Cycle (which Rush did NOT invent) instead of the bi-polar scale or the 2×2 quadrant chart. I’d say that any of these can be useful if you know what you are talking about, and the person you are talking to can understand what you are saying. I’ve had to change my model in mid conversation because libertarians are so locked into their paradigm.

Then the Rush asked the caller a question that was posed to him yesterday. Rush was asked “What will Trump’s voters do if he fails to accomplish his promises.”  Rush asked “what if Trump can’t get Carrier to abandon it’s plans to build a plant in Mexico?” And we say, this is the problem! Either Trump can’t fulfill his promise which is akin to being lied to or he accomplishes his goals by cronyism and manipulation.

2:33 Rush has an ah-ha moment. If the lightbulb is on, it’s pretty dim. For the 23rd or 50th time Rush tries to explain how the binding of delegates and the delegate election process actually works. I think he’s doing more harm than good. In fact, after his second or third attempt at this topic I quickly realized that this is a way to sabotage Ted Cruz. By making Cruz campaign about rules and delegates instead of votes and support he becomes the lesser man. In fact, Cruz is simply running his campaign to become president to accomplish the goals of conservatism – which Rush purportedly believes in.

Cruz is running an highly ethical campaign. Possibly the most ethical campaign we’ve seen in a long time. Once you understand that, everything else makes sense. The method and means are not doing violence to the voters. And his ethical approach to gaining support is in concert with the purpose and goals of our party. And they will reignite our country. When it comes to his campaign strategy Cruz has nothing to justify. And the itching and moaning by Trump is simply a ploy.