Defending the Republican Party and Conservativism

When George W. Bush failed to defend himself from the onslaught of lies coming from the Democrat media he failed us. Part of the reason why the hatred of W was so visceral and unabated was because he lost his friendship and support within the country, and his own party. Why should Republicans stand up for him when he wouldn’t stand up for himself?

Karl Rove said that not refuting the false claims made about George W. Bush was his greatest strategic error. This recognizes the problem, but I don’t think that Karl Rove really understands the extent of the damage done by his limp reply to a full frontal attack on Conservatism via the media’s destruction of W. The character of Scooter Libby, Don Rumsfeld and Dick Chaney were surrogate soldiers scattered on the battle field of liberalism as an assault on our nation.

President Bush said that he wanted to preserved the dignity of the Presidency. In doing so he has dragged it through the mud by allowing the media and President Obama to distort and pervert the very principles that gave rise to the idea of an American Executive office. We don’t want a Prime Minister or Monarch and we detest Dictators and Tyrants. We need a strong Commander in Chief who is a moral leader and guidepost for our national character.

George W. Bush was like a general who is afraid to get his hands dirty. Like Obama he leads from behind the troops. But at least Obama occasionally gets his hands in the mess. Unlike Obama, Bush was above the fray. He avoided confrontation with liberals, seeking common ground in domestic policy like Medicare Part D and No Child Left Behind (both disasters). His strategy was compromise on domestic policy to advance his foreign policy. He thought he was following in the footsteps of President Reagan. Yes Reagan took a similar approach to dividing domestic and foreign affairs. But Islamic Terrorism is a different threat than Soviet Communism and the Democrat Party of Reid/Clinton/Pelosi/Obama is much different than Carter/Wright/Kennedy.

This miscalculation left many on the right to fear the Neo-cons more than the Democrats. Libertarians are right to resist an overly ambitious internationalist foreign policy. But the enemies in the Democrat party and the Islamic Jihadists are a grave threat that each demand their own response. These threats are more important to deal with than retreating into an isolationist bunker mentality. This is a mistake that had it’s origin in George W. Bush’s failure to defend himself and make his case to the American people. He valued his own personal secrecy and privacy more than the nation’s. Maybe this was his dad’s CIA training woven into a bizarre parenting method. How did George W. Bush experience his father’s presidency?

When you are a Republican President you represent your Party’s best principles and your nation’s best moments. If you do not defend yourself and advance our values you harm your party and country. That is the real danger of any Republican running for the Presidency. And that is the lasting legacy of George W. Bush.

Congratulations, sir. 43