Defeating Democrats is The #1 Strategic Priority of Businesses and Nations

If you consider the external environment (everything outside of the boundaries of an organization) the greatest threat to many businesses and nations is the Democrat Party. John Kerry wants to destroy Koch Industries and Exxon Mobile. Barrack Obama has severed support to Israel, Japan and Iraq.

Exxon Mobile has billions of dollars to defend itself. Israel is heavily linked to US interests and organizations.

Now there are businesses that benefit from liberal policies. If you are Elon Musk, Tim Cook, Eric Schmidt, Sergi Brin or Larry Page you can make billions cozying up to Democrats. But, most businesses will be targeted for destruction. Consider the health care industry that was compromised and is being destroyed by Obama.

If a business was truly self-interested they would focus on defeating Democrats. How much money would you spend to save you business? How many resources would you allocate to stave off an existential threat? What would you do to save your country from outright devastation. Once you realize who you are dealing with there should be no question what you should do.