Wipe out the Media (Trump shows the way)

It is time to terminate the media. We gotten to the point where the media is reeling, it’s bleeding from the head. When you have a chance for the coup de grace, the death blow, you take it. When your mortal enemy is up against the ropes you take him out. You put him down. When you have your prey in your sights you take the killshot. Every time.

I’ve said time and time again that we should point out the media’s uselessness and complicit participation in the downfall of our Constitutional Republic. I’ve suggested that we ban the media. Censor the media. Boycott the media. All those things are appropriate to certain degree. But could this approach still legitimize the media as a force?

Let’s be very clear, what we used to call the Mainstream Media is far from mainstream. It is really a National Media Cabal – a group of liberal yellow journalists, editors and writers that seek to advance their communistic, atheistic agenda. This primarily exists in liberal urban centers LA/NYC/DC etc. but has many adherents at the local level.

Rush Limbaugh calls them the drive-by media because of the way they shoot up the scene of a story and move on. Michael Savage is less descriptive but accurate in his phrase the Government-Media complex. Alex Jones’ Infowars has moved from backwater internet conspiracy theories to on target journalism. Beck and others have been in a war with them for decades. Fox News plays on the edges of this National Media cabal. But we know what the NBCBAMSCNBC – NY Times goals are: removing power from the population of American citizens and centralizing control in Washington DC – where they control the members of this elitist, Ivy League, establishment club with information blackmail.

Donald Trump has demonstrated that the media has lost its power and grip on reality. It’s our responsibility to take them down, to put them out of their misery. They are rabid dog and they need to be destroyed. I’m not joking when I say the next time the media put the microphone in your face Republicans who don’t dismiss them with extreme prejudice are idiots, they are hugging zombies. They are furthering the destruction of this country. They will hurt themselves.

There’s an old adage that “All PR is good” or “There is no bad PR, only bad PR management.” Even a negative story keeps you in the press. People don’t remember why they know your name, just that you were important enough to be mentioned. This is only true in certain cases and within certain limits. Often, it has been the press’ moral authority that has determined the level of egregious behavior that is acceptable and redeemable (Clinton). But Trump has shown that even the media’s best effort to destroy him have failed. They are finally fully inert and flailing. Now is the time to end their monopoly on character assassination.

We’ve often said Republicans should avoid gotcha questions and reject their premises and immediately turn the question back on them. That would be fine 5-10 years ago. But they didn’t listen. They continued to prop up the media as a co-equal branch of the government that can make and destroy careers and lives.

Now we’ve reached a new low and we need to address it differently.

This cancer must be cut out. We are within striking distance of eradicating the source of the propaganda. You can’t negotiate with these media-terrorists. And until these NYC/DC liberal elite warriors are wiped out we are not free. As the keepers of the PC Grail, we will not be able to defeat the Jihadist terrorists who truly want to execute and kill Americans until we remove the threat of the media.

We must deny them access altogether and cut them off. You must cut them off. You must not engage this wasteful source of misinformation. To do so is to shoot yourself in the foot. Supporting these dolts is betraying your country.

Here’s the thing about the media, they get paid by the establishment in access and support. Their jobs hinge on the ability of the establishment to provide them with information leaks and other non-tangible assets. That is their intellectual property their stock-in-trade. But for that payment they are supposed to do the bidding of the establishment. Right now the political elites (Republican and Democrat) have taken out a hit on Trump. If this isn’t happening because the media is impotent what are they going to do about it?

Now the elites won’t do this but they should renegotiate or sever that relationship. Or at least they should sanction the media for their incompetence. But they can’t. The media owns them. They used to think that they are players but they are the played.

The irony of this situation is that it is a power battle between the media and the establishment. This will further distance the media from the establishment which is their source of power. Infighting between those two groups would result in the greatest fracture with in the political landscape that we’ve seen in multiple generations. We need to stoke the embers of this division as a means to relegate them all to the dust bin of history.

This could lead to a truly watchdog press.  Can you image an America where other bodies like WND.com and The Blaze and Breitbart step up and fill the void left by the media corpse. This is what must happen for our nation to survive. There is no right wing media. There is no new media. There are just liars and the lied to. There is truth and falsehood. We must destroy the propaganda-masters and open up the floodgates and tell people the facts. Crack open the gaping hole as a maw between the media and the people they despise. Abandon them, suffocate them, and let them wither and die.

If we can’t do this now we’ve lost, because this is a golden opportunity to put the enemy’s front line in the ground.