Know Your Enemy (It’s not Donald Trump)


Conservatives need to use Donald Trump to beat the media into submission.

This is a simple strategic maneuver that is similar to isolating competition. It has the effect of narrowing the field of battle and reducing the range of your primary target. It will also draw out the media and render their most used weapon – false moralizing – useless. Rush sees this PC battle for what it is (credit: above image). The more the media is focused on Trump the more we can stoke their rivalry and diminish both. The net result will be a severely weakened media that is shriveled and impotent. And, Trump will be taxed out, dealing with the fallout from an endless parade of celebrity schadenfreude and hate.

We are sick of the Washington Cabal attempting to kill off competition for the levers of power – which are used to destroy our country. This is the entirety of my thoughts on the Trump Affair…

The media acts as the arbiter of what is right and wrong, acceptable and unacceptable and good and bad in our culture. This must STOP NOW. I am sick of the liberal axis of evil – government, academia and media attempting to shape and coral our country. This is a joke! Each of these institutions have a sphere of influence, but they need to know their place. Working in collusion toward a liberal-communist state dramatically out of bounds. They need to be shown their place, and quickly.

It’s been three days since the firestorm ignited by Erick Erickson when he disinvited Donald Trump from the Redstate Gathering. I hope that the flames have died down and we can consider the next steps moving forward. This is round one in the Republican Primary, and Trump is still standing. No KO.

At the root this entire Trump charade is a media creation. They are trying to destroy one of our candidates. Fox News is still media. I and many of my friends and family have stopped watching FNC on a regular basis. I can remember 10 years ago when The O’Reilly Factor and Hannity and Colmes was a staple in my media diet.  Thank God those days are gone! I have so much more free time! And I don’t have to listen to Alan blab…

If you spend more than a month in DC you are infected with a highly contagious and incurable disease known as the Potomac Swamp Fever. It is transmitted at social events and parties through casual and not so casual contact. The media is the primary carrier of this disease.

Many people would suggest that The Donald started this spat when he attacked Megyn Kelly. Of course, that is fallacious because it could just as easily be traced back to her devious attacks on Donald Trump in the Republican debate on Thursday night. And there the chain of causation ends.

Before Thursday 8/6/2015 9:15 EST Donald was Donald and Fox News was Fox News and Redstate was Redstate. But the course was set for this conflagration with a direct, pointed, distorted question by Kelly. The response by Trump is Newtonian – equal and opposite. And once Erick weighed into the mano a mano it became a verified national story. Maybe he felt compelled to protect the girl as the gentleman that he is, but regardless he entered the fray. It may have blew up no matter what. But disinviting Trump added a tangible cost to his actions, rather than simple talk.

I don’t think Erick has picked a candidate just yet… I think he is open to Jeb Bush is a way most of us are not. I would greatly prefer [mc_name name=”Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)” chamber=”senate” mcid=”C001098″ ] or [mc_name name=’Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’R000595′ ]. But if Erick is going to be a king maker he may need to make his choice sooner rather than later. Hitching your wagon this far out could be dangerous, because it is a bumpy road to the nomination let alone the White House.

I respect Erick’s view because I believe that he has legitimate inside information on these candidates. He has greater insight into their character and positions than most of us. We need his guidance. That said, when you try to take out the current king-contender, you had better have enough ammo to get the job done AND an heir waiting in the wings. This is Game of Thrones with less blood and skin etc. I think that Trump is far from down and out. Redstate may have poked the lion roaming free. I don’t want to make more room for Jeb by pushing Trump out prematurely.

I’ve said repeatedly that my criteria for a candidate is not electability. This is a squish-term translated “moderate” and has the effect of ruling conservatives out because they don’t “appeal to” independents. Instead I want action-ability, meaning will our conservative president do what he says and will he do what is necessary to dismantle this leviathan government and defeat the liberal cultural societal infestation.

We need a man or woman who will act with clear conscience and purity of heart to destroy the enemies of liberty and freedom. [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] is willing to do what he can to prevent the advance of liberalism. Given more scope and power I believe he would take similar actions on a larger scale. This is not a war that can be won with a single stroke. It requires sustained and persistent effort to take down people who are possessed with a ridiculous level of deceit and hatred toward good and just men and women in this country. To win we must execute a strategic and coordinated attack to push back the devastating progress made by Obama and his minions. I think that there are only of few candidates who meet this criteria and Cruz may very well be the best of them!

Liberalism is the primary target. To destroy the bureaucratic statist government we must cripple the animating function of liberalism. This sick ideology fuels the Democrat Party. Hillary is a tertiary target. But to take her out we need dismantle the media protection she is afforded.

This is not accomplished by supplanting bad media with good media. We already have alternatives to the MSM that I do want to grow and flourish. But we need to simply destroy every last ounce and shred of credibility the media can claim and expose the Washington Cabal for what they are, low-life scum that only want to feed their fat faces.

Then a strong contrast in the general election can win. We cannot and must not nominate another RINO. Within our side of the equation, Jeb needs to go down. He is a bigger threat to our continued liberty in this country than Donald Trump.

We can sort out the rest of the candidates. I think that Scott Walker, Carli Fiorina, Ben Carson, Rick Perry and even Bobby Jindal have many of the attributes we are looking for. Everyone says that Jeb is playing the best long game by banking on his name and fundraising. Everyone says he will be there until the end.

Why wait until the primaries take place to pick our candidate? Let’s have our debate over the next couple of months and then go all in for the best guy or girl. Up until January all of this is academic, but we should start to rally to one strongly conservative candidate’s banner by November. Strengthen our reach state by state by Christmas and launch in January. I say if we can pound Jeb in the debates and torch him in February he will limp forward and probably lose the nomination. The RNC is trying to tighten the primary rules, i.e. avoid a drawn out battle. Consider the primary season:

Monday, February 1: Iowa caucuses,

Tuesday, February 9: New Hampshire,

Saturday, February 20: South Carolina,

Tuesday February 23: Nevada caucuses

Tuesday, March 1: Arkansas, Colorado caucuses, Massachusetts; Oklahoma; Tennessee; Texas; Vermont; Virginia

Saturday, March 5: Louisiana

Tuesday, March 8: Alabama; Hawaii caucuses; Idaho; Mississippi; Michigan

Sunday, March 13: Puerto Rico

Super Tuesday, March 15: Illinois; Missouri; Florida; North Carolina; Ohio

There will only be a few left by March 1 – and Jeb will be propped up. But the failure to win any of the first 4 February delegates should sent him reeling.

On our side, no one who is a hardcore conservative should fail to enjoy the spectacle of Donald Trump – he’s using our issues to hammer our party and the media. His Devil may care attitude is refreshing and demonstrable: if you play by the media and establishment rules you loose. If you want to change the game you must change the rules. Now, that the rules have been rewritten can we use new rules to dismantle this Washington cabal and restore America to her former greatness before it is too late?

Trump crafted his comments. In doing so he accomplished his goal – insulting Megyn Kelly and telling her and anyone else – if you hit me I’m going to hit back – even if you are a girl. Period. His statements are ambiguous enough that he could get away with it. And he did, whether or not you want to penalize him for it, he has enough latitude to dodge this attack.

In the same way Kelly intentionally redacted and altered his statement from the Apprentice Season 6, “it would be beautiful seeing you on your knees” (asking for forgiveness). Did Kelly explain the context of that statement. NO! Why the heck did she even bring it up?

That sexual innuendo is an intentional distortion and no different that the MSM claiming editing altered the tapes on Planned Parenthood. Listen: what is good for the goose is good for the gander. If Fox News and Kelly want to go after Trump then they should expect him to return fire. There is nothing highbrow and above board about what Kelly did.

We don’t have to cut him Trump off to cut him loose.

The idea of Fox News being an equal opportunity harasser to prove to the MSM that it is not biased is IDIOTIC! First, we don’t care what they think about us – and neither should you. Second, the reason Fox should go after liberals is because they are wrong – and the reason they should refrain from attacking conservatives is because they are RIGHT on so many issues.

Make our candidates explain inconsistencies but don’t attempt to destroy them with gotcha games.

I found this tidbit on Newsmax from Trump with comments from Walid Shoebat about Megyn Kelly’s standing to criticize telling. Dredging up this dirt is counterproductive. But I recognize that this is THE way you take down someone who is hitting hard. It is not based on substance but some relatively minor dead faux pas that you can reanimate and beat them with. Oh what a tangled web we weave…

We all know exactly what he said, and what his intended meaning was. Those of us who are informed think that strategically disinviting Trump from the Redstate gather was a mistake. This will push Trump third party, and give the election to Hillary.

We need to use Trump to accomplish our overall objectives. We can rule him out as a candidate through the primary not through party machinations. Any other moves will result in him gaining not losing strength. But a legitimate defeat of Trump will strengthen more conservative contenders. If he wins, so be it. I would rather have a President Trump than Bush or Clinton. And, don’t tell me that Trump can’t beat Hillary.

He would own her!

He is playing at the strong man role – and this will only solidify it. Kelly is not immune to a backlash for going after Trump. This is exactly what he’s looking for. It demonstrates the real problem in the conservative movement: too many chiefs not enough Indians.

We should not follow Trump off a cliff, but listen to him, learn from him and use him.

Every one with a mic and keyboard wants to call the shots instead of letting a legitimate, open process run its course. If we can nominate a strong conservative it is on us. If not it’s to the detriment of the nation. This was like a football game where the second guy gets the penalty. Kelly crossed the line, Trump hit back in his juvenile way. She was playing up the aggressive blonde attack dog shtick and IT DOESN’T WORK!

Listen to Mark Levin describe his take on the spectacle of this so called debate. We cannot let Fox News do the job the MSM can’t – take down our candidates. Neither should red state participate in this king making – let them rise and fall based on their merit.

Remember, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

The media is our enemy. We don’t need gatekeepers to vet our candidates. We can go directly to our candidate through our own channels – including the various conservative news outlets, sources and aggregators.

They need to come to us. If we press them on their substance a leader may emerge.

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