You Are Responsible



“Is there a BOGO sale in the Planned Parenthood freezer section?”

Do you remember the rage you felt when you first saw the Planned Parenthood videos? When the Plant Parenthood videos came out I was disgusted.

I am disgusted by what they show. But I am MORE disgusted because of how long this has gone on.  With or without the sale of body parts, our country has sanctioned the slaughter of millions of children with brains, hearts, lungs, livers, and legs. To our nation, government and party I say, What the Hell?!?!

Many people are standing up and saying “No More!” I am glad that we have people protesting in DC. Even with or especially because of the GOP Failure Theater and capitulation we need more pressure brought to bear. But protests and feckless votes will not produce the changes we need in our country. These only serve to highlight the problems.

Our Republican Senate will not do anything to stop these slaughter houses. Even if they defund the government The Abortion President and his Plant Parenthood Party will not acquiesce and give up and go away. They are too entrenched and ingrained in this system.

This is the problem: people see abortion as one of many issues. I know people that attend my church and people that live in my neighborhood who think that they can support Hillary Clinton and NOT kill babies. I know teachers unions that collect money from teachers who think that they personally would never sell baby body parts BUT they can’t stop giving the Democrat Abortion Party money.

To these people I say “You are Responsible!”

You are responsible for killing children and selling their internal organs for profit. If you support the Democrat Party OR if you even give them cover by acknowledging that they have a legitimate position on the environment or guns or poverty you are responsible for harvesting organs.

I know you may be fuming at what I said. Grampa Jack is a blue-collar democrat. My friend from college is a successful technocrat that doesn’t like social issues but is a libertarian on economic policy.

These people are useful idiots. Now wait, follow my logic:

  • The Democrat Party is the party of Abortion.
  • The Democrat Party is based on lies and deception
  • If you buy their lies then you give them cover to kill children.

It’s not the Republicans that gain from the Abortion Industry. They are not funded by Plant Parenthood and lobby groups from the Abortion Industry. The legal groups that suckle at the teat of the Organ Factory money do what children who have had their bodies decimated will never do. Abortion is the sacrament of the liberal religion. You need a lobotomy to be able function with the contradictions inherent in liberal dogma.

Many people were surprised by the revelations about Planned Parenthood. Why? Because they ignored the reality of what they were doing, just like many more people continue to do. How many people who support ObamaCare knew what it would do? How many people who rant about the environment properly acknowledge the fact that no Republican is opposed to preserving wildlife and parks, energy conservation, and recycling, nor would they support pollution? Instead environmentalism is statist communism in disguise. How many people understand the real consequences of gun control: increased crime and police state dominance? They don’t know what they don’t know because they’ve been lied to and they BELIEVED the lie. But they are responsible for knowing the truth and acting on.

I am sick and tired of uninformed people feigning ignorance. You don’t have the luxury to be ignorant. If you only get your news from the MSM and didn’t hear about this story then you are responsible for the destruction of life and sale of human organs. If you think that it will go away and you can get back to your life then you are responsible for this travesty. If you close your eyes and cover your ears to this evil then you are responsible for it.

“You are responsible!”

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