Hey Hillary: Waiting your turn never works out

Hillary Clinton stepped aside, begrudging, for Barrack Obama. She stood by her man while he chased skirts. She got her promises from the Democrat Party machine in assurances of reciprocation. Her defense of the Party was supposed to result in a pay-off: The Presidency.

But, this house of cards is crumbling. Hillary is banking on guarantees that are not worth the air they were whispered in. She will not get the nomination, and if nominated she will not win the office. The Party knows this and is presently working behind the scenes to get a suitable replacement, somebody, anybody is better than Hillary.

Joe Biden, sure why not. Al Gore, great get out the winter coats. Howard Schultz, hand-crafted populism. Anything but the dry, wasted, ribald, shrill, pastey, rigid, flimsy Hillary Clinton.

From the Party’s perspective banking on a sure failure is not an option. While replacing Hillary presents larger problems they are manageable. If Hillary thinks that they owe her something, she is dead wrong. When someone tells you to wait your turn, you know you are about to get screwed. Things change all the time. Loose agreements are meaningless when they are contingent on many factors that are out of your control.

If the machine tries to buy your compliance and silence with your hope of future gains they are playing you for a fool. Now Hillary made her money based on these relationships and power. But, as I’ve mentioned before, I think the Saudis and Chinese should have read the refund policy at the Clinton Global Initiative.

My only remaining question is: Will Bill leave her? After Hillary is all washed up why keep her around? Bill would like to retake the White House, but if she can’t get the job done why not kick her to the curb? He doesn’t need her? It would be interesting to have a divorced living ex-president philandering across the world.

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