Cultural Manipulation: How Wikipedia is influencing our nation


Don’t bother editing Wikipedia. Wikipedia is in charge of rewriting history according to the political persuasion of its masters. And we are worse off for it.

How can the The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956, popularly known as the National Interstate and Defense Highways Act get a nickname in Wikipedia:


But the The Affordable Health Care for America Act is never called Obamacare in the text of the entry! Even though Obamacare is repeatedly referenced in the works cited?


This is so blatant and egregious it makes my head spin.  The idea that this website is a neutral arbiter of information and a crowd-sourced resource is a joke. It, like all efforts to control information in the past is a tool of propaganda.

I tell my students you can get some information and a general direction from Wikipedia. But, you must understand that it can and probably will be overtly biased. You must read and analyze it critically. And, you CANNOT cite Wikipedia; instead you must link to the references and then read and cite primary sources.

Beware, cultural forces are at work in nearly every corner of our society. Children are being influenced by sites like Wikipedia, and they believe what they are told when “credible” internet sites agrees with liberal teachers and professors. Trust me, the war is for our hearts and minds.