Glenn Beck, Ben Carson and the Gay Mafia

Glenn Beck says that Ben Carson’s presidential campaign is over. He’s probably right.

Then again Ben Carson has always been a man looking for a campaign. I like the man. It’s gotta be hard to go from a prolific career in neuro-surgery and make the leap into politics. Few men made the US presidency the first elected office they attained, those who did primarily served in appointed office or the military. Going from a civilian to president of the US is unlikely.

So, what was Ben Carson really doing on CNN? I believe he wanted a platform to espouse conservative and Christian values in the marketplace of ideas. His goal is to preserve what little is left of our country by being persecuted if necessary. We can criticize how he presented his ideas. But we should also consider his willingness to tackle a key tenant of liberalism head on and defend the definition of marriage.

Glenn Beck says he doesn’t understand what Ben Carson meant when he answered the gotcha question posed to him by the hatchet man Chris Cumo.

Carson was asked, “Do you believe that being gay is a choice?”

In the midst of a “casual conversation” about Gay Marriage (first clue on Trolling) Ben answered in a sociological manner. The meaning behind his inarticulate answer was targeted at the heart of the issue. Because there is a concomitant increase in homosexual behavior in men following incarceration where hetro-sex is impossible, it may be statistically hypothesized that homosexuality is causally linked to behavior and not inherent in individual characteristics. Now, Glenn may not like the way he answered the question. Glenn is a world-class Monday morning quarterback in political hardball (to thoroughly mix metaphors). He can often come up with a better answer for any question that is asked of another person.

Glenn’s answer is returning a question in a Socratic version of nurture vs. nature – was Steve Jobs a genius? Glenn believes that while we may have certain God given gifts and abilities, it is our choice that makes us into the specific person we become. Granted, Ben Carson could have answered this question with more deft. But instead of Glenn’s tack try this on for size. In a written forum we can address this question with some hard facts and numbers rather than narrative.

~97% of the US population is straight.

<2% of the US population is gay. <2% self-identify as bi-sexual.

According to a one of a kind study 18/142 men changed their sexual orientation to bi-sexual and 1 became gay while in prison. 19/142 moved in the homosexual direction, or over 13%. The author points out that this is a small fraction of the 2,418,352 person prison population. Yet he doesn’t mention that for a statistically valid study you would only need another 258 responses or a 400 person sample. If these results hold, it would be significant at a>.05 or a valid conclusion in any scientific journal. Therefore, it is possible that prison increases homosexuality.

Let’s look at the cultural institution of homosexuality more closely. Glenn, is homo-sex an act or identity? Glenn Beck seems to defend a position that homosexuality is a personality trait. I would suggest that it is an act that when repeated may thwart the natural predisposition of human beings and produce a habitual change in behavior that becomes identified with an individual’s sense of self. Like any other sin, many people will change who they think they are instead of being confronted with their immorality, and need for repentance and a savior. This is a wildly unpopular thing to say in modern America.

The biological predisposition of human beings is heterosexuality. The human body is designed in order that the male and female reproductive organs complement each other. Phil Robertson pointed this out as only he could. Procreation takes place through the sexual union of a man and a woman. A child is a unique combination of X and Y chromosomes that are produced through the fertilization of a woman’s egg with a man’s sperm.

Do I need to draw you a picture?

All that said, Ben Carson will probably make his exit on this sour note. But he will not lose our support because he didn’t say the truth. In fact it is because he dared to speak the truth in an in-eloquent manner that we will thoroughly dismiss him. Score another one for the media! And add a shrunken head to Chris Cumo’s belt.