Rush Orders: Call the Media's Obama Bluff

As the Conservative Movement we must get the Republican Party and the American people to boycott the mainstream media!  Stop supporting them, paying attention to them, endorsing them, giving them credibility, and responding to them.  It only plays into the con game.  And we need to stop playing into their script.

Obama ISIS presser

Rush Limbaugh points out that Barack Obama was never going to grab amnesty unless the Republicans get the blame. He’s right as usual. He also points out that the media tries to convince the American people that the majority of the American people (irony intended) want to grant amnesty to illegal immigrants. Limbaugh again is correct when he points out this is false, demonstrably false.  70% of American citizens do not want blanket amnesty when it comes to ” immigration reform.”

So here’s the big picture strategy: Obama bluffs and lies boldfaced to the American people about the state of our borders and the needs of our people — through the channel of the media which is part of the Democratic Party and the liberal establishment in the Washington complex.  On the other hand the media pressures the American people, pushing public opinion in the direction that would favor what the regime proposes. They propose societal changes they want, without expressly detailing the means to accomplish the result that they really desire.  In this particular case, and in nearly every case, their goal is to damage the Republican Party by using immigration as a lever to destroy the core principles of our country through greater government dependency.  The democratic strategy is based on their rejection of our founding.  They believe that our problem is the Constitution they wish to rewrite and that this country must be “fundamentally transformed.”  Their guiding policy is the assumption that the seats of power, in various spheres of our county, will give into to this march.  From this view all of their goals and objectives follow.

The immigration debate is only one example of how the media the Democrats use their influence to attempt to move their agenda. And if it doesn’t work they will try again with something else.

We have to stop playing into their game. We have to learn how to respond. We have to start calling their bluffs. And we need to offer our own bluffs to throw them off.

If you’re playing poker with a overly aggressive gambler he’s going to bluff one time too many.  When you have the cards you have to have the guts to call him.  That’s what we need to do with Barack Obama because he’s bluffing left and right.  Doesn’t have the cards, he rarely does.  We have to be able to distinguish between when he has the goods and when he doesn’t. And the best thing you can do is call him on the carpet when he doesn’t.

At the same time if you were playing poker and you only play the best possible hands your opponent is going to fold when they sense your strength.  They will not want to take the chance you’ll see the hand through.  Why would anyone go up against a better hand when they can read your tells, or the pattern?  You have to play the man not the cards.  Therefore you have to lie, you have to bluff and you have to play the game if you want to win.  There is. No. Other. Way.  To play this game.  You can’t consider it upholding some principle to tell everyone at the table when you have a full house.  That is being an idiot and Republicans have been idiots for too long.

There any number of things that we could do to bluff the Democrats into a corner.  But we have to pick the right moment and the right-hand to push them.  Bluffing on social issues won’t work.  This is the libertarian’s role, they don’t understand the consequences of social decline.  Rand Paul is willing to attempt a niche strategy on Pot, Privacy and Pansies.  These are not issues that damage the Democrat position.  There is no competitive advantage in this position vs. Democrats, only your own Republican Party.  Democrats and the media would call that bluff every day and our country will to fall into debauchery.  But on economic and defense issues there are positions that the Democrats cannot legitimately take.  These are our best opportunities to draw them out into exposed terrain.

For example: proposing a wealth tax – literally confiscating the wealth of those who have a net worth over $1 million is not possible for Democrats to except.  Think of the anaphylactic response of their donors and cronies.  But we can propose it as a way to demonstrate the fact that they are not in favor of the middle class.  We can use tax policy to show people and then educate them about the fact that they’re attempting to destroy the middle class.  The middle class is confused about who the Democrats really are.  We need to explain it to them.  And you do this with SHOW and then TELL.  In politics, you must make the truth abundantly clear through visuals and soundbites.

Another example: vote to authorize a certain military action relative to our involvement in Iraq, that positions Barack Obama in opposition to Elizabeth Warren. This could paint Harry Reid and the rest of the Democrats as obstructionists opposing what is clearly the best course of action in a given circumstance.  And this paints Barack Obama as a hawk.  The beautiful irony.  This is a strategy to discover the hidden power of our opposition party position to impose disproportionate costs on our adversary.  Richard Rumelt describes this entire process in Good Strategy Bad Strategy, look it up.

We need to abandon Bad Strategy and start using Good Strategy to hinder the Democrat Party and their cohort, in order to achieve our political victory that is less about controlling Washington and more about releasing control from Washington on the rest of the country.

In the end my recommendations are two fold. 1) Stop playing into the Democrat media complex trap. 2) Push back on the Democrats using their own tools of bluffing and misrepresenting their intentions in order to draw out opposition.  Do this and you will live, do this not, and you will die.


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