The Speaker of the House: Bringing Articles of Impeachment

Consider the following speech as if John Boehner was giving it on the House Floor.  Andrew Napolitano details the reasons for impeachment in his article, but could a member of congress deliver them in a presentation of articles of impeachment?  There is more to be said here, but I want to capture the tone of the speech that is not for the Congress but really given to the American people.  This would be the rather shinny Orange Boehner’s one shinning moment.  This is his William Wallace and George Patton speech.  You would go down in history with a speech like this, John.

Ladies and Gentlemen of Congress and this House of Representatives,

I stand before you today not out of choice or political motivation but shear necessity.

I move that we impeach the president of the United States of America, Barack Hussain Obama.

The charges are wanton and reckless abuse of power, treason against the constitution of these United States of America and fostering demonstrable dangers to the nation, her people and our allies.

There is one charge of impeachment for “high Crimes and Misdemeanors” “Treason” and “Bribery.” The following evidence is presented as indications of these.  If you find any support for any of these claims you must vote to impeach the president.  There is no room for half-measures, all of these crimes are impeachable offences and any evidence in support must be weighed with that in mind.

Because of this pattern of abuse there is not one specific event that stands above the rest.  They are each egregious and on the whole deserve this punishment of impeachment.

Mere technicalities will not suffice to acquit our president from these charges.  Instead I ask you to observe a pattern of abuse of power within and without our system of governance that warrants your full attention and rapid judgment.

This action we have undertaken is for the express protection of our nation.  The consequences of inaction would strike at the very foundation of our country, the rule of law and any trust in our nation’s leaders.  We cannot sit idly by as the damage to our nation is undeterred.  For the sake of the unity and fidelity of the USA and the citizens who call this country home we must put an end to the wounds that have been created.  In order that we can begin healing and move forward, we offer a list of objections to the actions of this administration.  The following is a precursor to a vote of no-confidence, and impeachment is our remedy for these misdeeds.

Barack Obama has (according to Andrew Napolitano, WND.com):

  • permitted unconstitutional and unbridled spying on all Americans all the time, and dispatched his agents to lie and mislead the American people and their elected representatives in Congress about it. This has resulted in a federal culture in which the supposed servants of the people have become our permanent and intimate monitors and squealers on what they observe.
  • permitted illegal immigrants to remain here and continue to break the law, and instructed them on how to get away with it. His encouragement has resulted in the flood of tens of thousands of foreign unaccompanied children being pushed across our borders. This has resulted in culture shock to children now used as political pawns, the impairment of their lives and the imposition of grievous financial burdens upon local and state governments.
  • Allowed and encouraged his agents as they fomented a revolution in Libya that resulted in the murder of that country’s leader, the killing of the U.S. ambassador and the evacuation of the U.S. embassy. His agents fomented a revolution in Ukraine that resulted in a Russian invasion, an active insurgency, sham elections and the killing of hundreds of innocent passengers flying on a commercial airliner.
  • dispatched CIA agents to fight undeclared and secret wars in Yemen and in Pakistan, and dispatched unmanned drones to kill innocents there. boasted that some secret reading of public positive law permits him to kill whomever he wishes, even Americans and their children.
  • Authorized his State Department to treat Hamas – a gang of ruthless murderers whose stated purpose is the destruction of Israel – as if it were a legitimate state deserving of diplomatic niceties, and this has encouraged Hamas to persist in attacking our only serious ally in the Middle East.
  • Disregarded his Department of Veterans Affairs as they so neglected patients in government hospitals that many of them died, and it even destroyed records to hide its misdeeds. His Internal Revenue Service has enforced the law more heavily against his political opponents than against his friends, and it has destroyed government computer records to hide its misdeeds.
  • relieved his friends of the burdens of timely compliance with Obamacare, and burdened his enemies with tortured interpretations of that law – even interpretations that were rejected by the very Congress that enacted the law and interpretations that were invalidated by the Supreme Court.”

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/07/is-obama-incompetent-or-lawless/#ox2YgBgDVzGeYldF.99

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