Rush Orders: Calling Out Limbaugh. You didn't do enough to save Virginia either!

First a bit of US History trivia: Who was the first Governor of Virginia?

I am a Rush baby, and I listen to his show religiously.  There is no better place to find out what is going on than his program.  This week the Sultan of Snark was at it again, rightly criticizing the GOP (among other factors) for not doing enough to help Cuccinell win the very winnable Virginia Gubernatorial race.

It is necessary to placate the DC Beltway constituency, and Ken tried to win back the losers he lost when he lived up to his conservative principles.  I say good riddance, but a politician in a purple and pink state must be able to dance to the beat of his voters.  I don’t specifically blame him for trying and that was not the most important aspect of the loosing campaign.  It appears that Ken failed to really connect with the “in the bag” geography of Virginia.  I was in North Western VA on Sunday, travelling back to Western PA from NC.  There was very little noticeable enthusiasm for Cuccinell.  I saw the trappings of small campaigns for local offices.  However for the benefit of NOVA local seats there were no coattails from Cuccinell and I am left to conclude that these politicians wanted nothing to do with the guy.

Why the lack of enthusiasm?  Certainly the faulty campaign had a lot to do with it. 

However, Rush rightly focused his attention on the GOP and their paltry contribution to the Cuccinell effort.  This is most likely the largest reason for a Terry Maculliff governorship that may very well rip apart the financial fabric of this beautiful and diverse state.  NOVA, you’ve been warned, even token passion for Cuccinelli would have been sufficient to save your state from financial ruin.

Cuccinelli Campaign Says National GOP Abandoned Them

You gotta love Rush, he is able to make commercials for his book into political and social commentary.  I appreciate his efforts to entertain and educate our children with Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.  I have enjoyed his book which I recently bought at our local Barnes and Nobles.  It’s light reading with my kids, but opens up some doors for conversation.  It was in the best seller section.  I asked an associate to help me and she quickly obliged without protest or smirks.   All of his concerns about our schools I second.  His passion for our national heritage I share.  And I agree with his opinion that the Republicans (of which I remain one) are more antagonistic toward the Tea Party (which I am a part of) and they are not fighting hard enough against our political adversaries.

Why does Rush ask for people committed to defeating the democrats?  He should be recruiting for people who are committed to defeating the RINOs.

And, more importantly, what did he do to assist Cuccinell?  I know his tired excuses “I am a radio host, not a politico” and “the candidate has to make himself heard first.”  Rush, look at me, Cooch made himself heard loud and clear.  Then he was kneecapped and you did nothing.  I donated.  Maybe you did also, but you have a bully pulpit nearly in scope with the President of the USA (according to Harry Reid and David Brooks et. al.).  Your 5-8 minute endorsement is worth what in advertising dollars?

What is the rate for a 6 minute personal promo spot on your show?  Let’s negotiate a revenue sharing deal…  Or you can give me a flat rate, $10K per minute? $50K?  Whatever you charge, your in-house adds for your book this last week were a charge-off worth close to $1M gross.

Couldn’t you have spent a little of that time dealing a blow to the democrats who are seeking to destroy you?  Or are you so insulated from them that you think they will not get to you.  Because let me tell you something, Elrushbo, they are coming for you.  Whether it is the Un-Fairness Act or SOPA and PIPA or attacking your advertisers, there is a contract out on your head.  And Leftists don’t quit.

So blaming the Republicans shifts the blame from you.  I know that you can’t do everything.  You can’t control the voters and it’s not your job to make the case for any one politician, even good ones.

But you can do more.

Think about the MSM and what they are willing to do, put their necks on the line to push a lame candidate over the finish.  Then they are recycled or pitched.  I know you fear linking yourself to closely with any one person or group (apart from Heritage and Hillsdale).  But you’ve got to step up or that country that Rush Revere loves will soon be finito (that’s a little Spanish lingo).

Final question, are we doing to RINOs what they do to liberals?

Do we attempt to get along with them and find common ground, when the only solution to this infestation of spinelessness it to defeat them at every turn.  You call the battle for the soul of the Republican Party an internecine war, I call it a civil war.  And you know how those end.  Bloody.

NRSC Wants a “Conservative” Not “Republican” Senate 

Do we have the stomach for this?  Because if you don’t then I don’t think we have a chance.

I know you, like your moniker Paul Revere, are signaling the impending doom.  You are rallying the troops and calling to arms our side.

But maybe we need a little Patrick Henry (Answer: the First Governor of Virginia) also, “Give me liberty, or give me death!” in our willingness to sacrifice, if not our lives at least our reputations and fortunes, to preserve the waning freedom we’ve become so accustomed to.