Bush and waterboarding wins the day

“The two most powerful warriors are patience and time.”Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

The events of the last 24-hours were brought to you by the efforts over the last 6 years.  In the Politico:

In the biggest break in a global pursuit of bin Laden that stretched back to the Clinton administration, the U.S. discovered the compound by following one of the terrorist’s personal couriers, identified by terrorist detainees as one of the few al Qaeda couriers who bin Laden trusted.

This is the key piece of what I call Court Jester journalism from the Politico.  Since the pursuit of bin Laden stretches back to Clinton, when Clinton dodged capturing bin Laden in Sudan, we can wonder where the intelligence to track this courier came from?  Let me suggest we gained this information divulged from terrorists captured and interrogated under the Bush administration.

Waterboarding wins.  Will the media give Bush and others the credit they deserve?  Of course not!

Obama can take credit for the work of the Bush policies and people all he wants.  Good, I am glad that we bagged Osama and that Obama called the ball and watched it go down.  The truth is that Obama doles out blame and hoards credit like a sniveling child.  Don’t be confused or manipulated.

The truth is that Obama will not put in place policies and systems necessary to prevent future attacks and capture and kill future threats.  Every indication is that Obama is weakening our military and intelligence operations.  I have no confidence in Leon Panetta’s ability to protect this country.  In fact I believe his is doing his twisted level best to dismantle the broad shoulders of our national defense.

If this is true then Petraeus has his work cut out in the wake of Panetta at the CIA and Panetta moves on to tinker and toy with the DOD at the Pentagon.  Panetta will be playing with the very systems that Rumsfeld developed with his team.  These systems and processes are what lead to Osama’s death.  It just took 6 long years to bring this manhunt to a conclusion.

As we celebrate the demise of a truly evil villan let us not forget that our long term goals of national security and defense are not aligned with that of the enemies within the organs of power.

If nothing else we can praise the men in uniform and out of uniform that made this happen.

Give credit where credit is due, alone.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0511/54093.html#ixzz1LCxBbsDu