I’ve got an Ace up My Sleeve but it isn’t Trump.

No one doubts that Donald Trump is in it for el numbero uno. He says that our country is in dire straits but would he be willing to use his influence to support a legitimate Republican candidate? No. Therefore he is lying when he says that he knows we have to stop Obama. The only way Trump wants to stop Obama is if he can supplant him. As demonstrated in the recent Vegas Michael Richards-styled comedy rant Trump is an idiot and some of you are fools for giving him the time of day.


Don Trump needs to be used by the Republicans and not the other way around. He may be the worst stereotype of a country club, ostentatious, flip-flopping northeast Republican. Hey, I’ve got nothing but love for the business men and women who pretend that their Atlas shoulders hold up the world. However Trump gets high on his own supply. And that is bad for business.

Follow this chain of events:

· Donald Trump floats the idea that he may run for president,

· he shows up on a number of shows including Rush Limbaugh,

· he goes “birther” and strategically positions himself as the man who is taking it to Obama,

· he projects his intention to tax China 25% and put the screws to OPEC,

· he delays and strings out the Presidential exploratory committee,

· he touts his business success and savvy dangling the red herring of his financial records,

· once Obama “blinks” and shows his alleged long form birth certificate Trump crows that he is the one that final got Obama to attempt to prove his birthplace,

· then he proceeds on a vulgarity laced tirade in Sin City to alienate or compromise any support from the traditional or social conservatives.

All he has accomplished is raising his profile. Any publicity is good publicity and Trump knows it.

I fault no one for paying attention to Trump as a news item. He’s making news. But jumping on the Trump express to nowhere is making yourself and Red State into a joke. There needs to be an objective distance with these hucksters like Trump. He is demonstrably egomaniacal and opportunistic. These are traits of Vladimir Lenin and Jim Taggert not the leader of the Republican Party.

Don’t be taken in by this consummate salesman. The Donald is witty, charming and charismatic. Again these are fine traits for an entrepreneur and real estate tycoon and positive traits in a presidential candidate but not sufficient to warrant my consideration. I’d say that his clarity and folksy nature are refreshing, especially coming from a plutocrat from the Empire City.

However, therein lies the problem, he’s unreliable at best. We don’t need a political chameleon no matter how big his pocketbook.

Don, we are not for sale. Go find another hooker to twist.