We will nominate Sarah Palin because...

She has what it takes to win – two X chromosomes.  More on this later.

She gives the best stump speech.

Sarah Palin is feisty on the podium in an engaging, polemical and humorous way.  She’s unabashedly conservative.  Tea Party Grass Roots Americans across the country love her. This is our base. We need to combat the slander of media hatred with our enthusiastic support and passionate commitment to our best candidate. Will she convince everyone that she is the best candidate? No. She probably will not win the New Hampshire primary, and that is fine with me.

A round victory in Iowa and decent showing in one of the most confused New England states (“live free or die?” really?) will lead to a run to South Carolina where the Palin Express will pick up steam. The primary system is designed to ebb and flow. It’s a horse race and the media will do everything in their power to destroy Sarah in the process. Her campaign will have to be nearly flawless. However any republican nominee will face sabotage and espionage. This is the internal Cold War era of American politics. I believe that Sarah can run a clean campaign that also unrelentingly attacks the liberal axis with the power of truth.

She is willing to trade punches.

In her 3 years of national prominence she has taken more barbs than Ahab’s blue whale.  Sarah has survived the onslaught of media character assassins. This is the reason why they continue to marginalize her in push polling. She has no skeletons in her closet. 0. Do you understand the power of a person with integrity? She does not fear taking strong positions because she knows what she believes and she lives a life consistent with her beliefs. This level of character used to be the currency of American politics. It can be again, if we hold up our values and duties and demand that our politicians do the same.

She is able to deflect and rebut attacks.

Palin is excellent in verbal sword play.  Her competitive instincts came out in the VP debates. She demolished “Say it ain’t so Joe.” She laid the traps and took advantage of his foot-in-mouth disease. Her strategy with Obama will be different but equally effective. She can use Obama’s tendency to defer to strong women and fear of being viewed as chauvinistic. Her ability to contrast her positions and our principles with Obama’s lies and the liberal gospel is what we desperately need.

What she has learned is that she needs to control the venue.  This is a significant lesson for any politician to learn.  Most of our congressmen don’t get this…  Many former congressmen didn’t get this…  McCain never really got this.  GWB was better at this, but he avoided contact with the liberal lepers a little too much.  Sarah is able to reach into the lives of ordinary American’s through the channels provided.  She has learned that taking a (staged) stroll with a so-called reporter is tantamount to walking right into an ambush.  And the only reason to do that is if you want to draw them out in order to call in air support.

She is exactly what the media fears – a strong conservative woman.

This is the key point we need to understand: if we want to WIN we need to offer the country both a stark contrast to the liberal agenda and a transformational, charismatic leader who is called to fight this greatest battle in American history.

Palin is the best example of what made America great.  She is a wonderful mom and ardent patriot.  Sarah has dealt with the demands of raising 5 children in an admirable way.  Sure there have been challenges, what parent does not come face to face with their own limitations?  Her children are a tribute to her and Todd’s parenting; they are loved unconditionally and respond to her grace and instruction.  She works as a mom, sportsman, writer, and statesman.  She loves America.  This cannot be understated.  We have an opportunity to elect the most outspoken supporter of American exceptionalism in a generation.  She has no equivocation in political baggage that waters down her support for the country.  We can count on her to raise the banner of the United States and restore the discipline of our fiscal integrity and resurrect the spirit of American interests abroad.

Sarah Palin drives a stake in the heart of liberal stereotypes.  In this politically correct media driven era, Sarah Palin represents the antithesis of liberalism.  She will call out their hypocrisy.  Every attack on her is an attack on their bias.  She can shield their slings and arrows, and return fire.  And when she returns fire it is with a laser guided missile.

Now is your chance.

Conservatives unite.

If you want to revitalize America we need a leader who will point the right direction and get out of our way.

Sarah Palin has a vision consistent with America’s founding. She wants to reincarnate the pioneer spirit. This is what we need.

Now is your chance Republicans. Do the right thing – as Spike Lee would say.

She is young (47) and attractive.  Pictures are worth a thousand words and her picture says that she is confident and unashamed to be who she is.  Visuals matter.  Stop this incessant insistence on old white dudes. I will be an old white dude in a few years and I recognize that we need to take a supporting role right now. We need to attack the walled city of liberalism – identity politics. To do this we need to prove that a real woman is not a ward of the state or a hyperactive feral cat. A real woman is willing to lead, serve and step aside when warranted.

The nature of the tea party movement is from the ground up! Sarah will not make this about her. She sees the bigger picture. I believe that she is willing to cast a vision and find the best people to bring our country back to life.

The state of political discourse in our country has become polarized to the point where if we don’t fully embrace the inherent contradictions in avoiding the media scrutiny and attacking their hegemony on their terms we will lose this generation. If we do not nominate and elect Sarah Palin in 2012 she will fade away.  She is electable because she doesn’t fit the mold.

Now is our chance to support Sarah Palin.  If we do not nominate her we will have missed what may be the greatest opportunity to turn back the tide of statism in the 21st century.