You Pick Two: Sarah Palin + Who? President and VP

Burn those straw polls – fundraising as surveys – and focus your attention with me.  The first Republican presidential debate is nearly one month away.  Right now we are obsessing about exploratory committees instead of consolidating power.

(Simi Valley, CA) — The first debate between 2012 Republican presidential hopefuls will be held May 2nd at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley.

Library officials made the announcement this week after consulting with national Republican leaders to finalize a date.

The library earlier announced that, like in the 2008 presidential election cycle, it planned to host two GOP presidential debates leading up to the 2012 election.

The Reagan Presidential Foundation said it still plans to host a second debate on the eve of the Super Tuesday primaries in March 2012, but for now, no firm date has been set for that occasion.

I view the recent Gallop poll as a deliniation between the Final Four Presidential prospects and the rest of the pack.  I don’t consider it predictive of real support or electoral success, it’s too early to consider the next stage.  Too many things can and will change.  But I think that at this point in the pre-primary run-up (isn’t that a perfect 24-hour news cycle phrase) we can separate the pretenders from the contenders.

The chief prospects worth of consideration regardless of their decision to run as of today are: Huckabee, Romney, Palin and Gingrich.

Support for Potential Republican Candidates for President in 2012, Among Republicans and Republican Leaners, Trend, September 2010-March 2011

Everyone else is playing games.  As much as I like what some of the pretenders are saying they will not emerge in the end.  Sure we could have Bachmann or Paul muddy the waters, and I’d appreciate their role in holding the Party’s feet to the fire, however our candidate will come from these Final Four.  I guarantee it.

Look at the past nomination races and there are really no surprises.  In reverse order – McCain (in open field he didn’t give up), Bush (top Governor with strong name against incumbent VP Gore), Dole (stoic patriot who was part of the beltway machine and a sacrificial lamb), Bush I (incumbent VP strong Nat. Def. and steady hand), Reagan (transformational leader who diligently worked his way into the conversation).

I say thank God that we will not have a Bob Dole or John McCain in the field.  These men were insiders, waiting their turn, serving in Congress as presumptive candidates with honorable war hero records but they lost their taste for modern media-based battles.  Say what you will about this narrowed field, but do it on another post.  What I want to discuss is another route to a President/VP ticket.

The super ticket (or manufactured/partnership ticket) is a theme that reemerges every year.

Please look at these 4 candidates: Huckabee, Romney, Palin and Gingrich.  And describe what a joint ticket would look like – the benefits of two of the Final Four working together.  Who would be on top?  Uh, you know what I mean, who is the Presidential candidate and Vice-Presidential candidate.  How one may compliment the other and most importantly the reasoning behind your endorsement of the executive experience and presidential potential of each.

My Proposal: Palin : Gingrich.  The transformational charismatic leader and the intellectual policy wonk.

Palin is hands-down the best Presidential candidate and the lamestream media knows it.  Her last 2+ years have prepared her to take on the rigor of scrutiny and speak intelligently about the issues of our time.  Sarah has picked her spots and scored touchdowns with direct attacks on Obama and the liberal infestation.  She made a brilliant decision to avoid getting bogged down in Alaskan politics while parleying her notoriety into national prominence.  The fact that she is a strong Christian gun toting woman gives her the trifecta of positions – she is evangelical (a must-have in the Republican party), middle american (will play well in the Midwest and blue collar states) and female (she will execute personal appeals that will peel away the women vote from democrats who foolishly play identity politics).  In essence Palin draws out the hypocrisy of the media and our population.  This is the key to victory: Sarah will pull no punches and offer America a path to redemption.

No one could work the hill like Newt Gingrich.  He wants power and influence but would need to be convinced to take a back seat.  If and when he realizes that the only way to regain a position at the table is by working with Palin he will be truly formidable.  Newt needs to see that he has a significant role to play – part Queen maker, part Knight of the first order.  He can defend the position of fiscal discipline and articulate the philosophical underpinnings of Constitutional Republicanism.  I believe that one of the most powerful speeches and endorsement that can be made to unite the divergent social and fiscal conservatives is Sarah Palin stating “Newt screwed up personally.  He knows it.  We all make mistakes.  But he owned his mistakes and has made it right.  He talked to me about marriage and divorce and the fact that he has asked for forgiveness from individuals and God.  Thank God for his son Jesus Christ, whose blood covers all of our sins.”  I’m telling you a speech that included that would send the media and fake conservatives through the roof!  And if the agnostic libertarian crowd get past their aversion to God and accept that Biblical morality is a large part of our cultural heritage it would clear the air and rally the troops like nothing else.  Then our focus would be cleanly on Obama and nothing else.

Do you have a better idea?  What’s your Super Ticket from the Final Four?  Tell me.

I feel like watching Braveheart again.  When William Wallace reaches out to Edward the Bruce, “Unite the clans! Unite us!”  Right now the Republicans have waring factions that face a much greater menace.  We know that we agree about more than we disagree.


Unite Us!  Join Sarah!  One man who says “right” and will follow the warrior – one man who will not stab her in the back.  One man who is truly honorable.  Now is the time.  Without joining Sarah you may advance your career but you will have sacrificed the freedom of all Americans to do so.  Mitt, Huck, Newt – who will it be.