Why submit to lies? Empty seats and Vacuous Polls

Why submit to lies?  Empty seats are more powerful than rebuttal.

Good job Joe Wilson, thank you for shouting our sentiments. ‘YOU LIE!’ You are right… Now what were you doing in the room?

Why did the Republicans even show up for the Obama Speech to a Captive Audience last night?

I would have much rather seen an empty side than pretend that this Health Care push is legitimate. Sometimes silence is deafening and in our absence the presence of our disdain would be made known. We have to stop playing their game by their rules.

Politicos will point out that there are ramifications for not attending a state address.  When the almighty President Obama calls you on the carpet you better cower in fear.  The congress would exert it’s pressure as a body on those that abstained from this spectacle.  And more subtly, many in our congress just couldn’t possibly pass up free food and airtime.  It’s not politically feasible.

Of course it is.  You are men and women of principal.  At least some are, and a few can act like it.

Likewise, if you live by polls you die by polls.

You need to change your mentality when it comes to how you view the national polls even from “reputable sources” such as Rassmussen.  Daily Presidential Tracking Poll – Rasmussen Reports™ We can cheer the 53% disapproval of government run health care. However I never put stock in polls and will not pretend that these agencies are credible. Even looking at the internals, while these organizations claim a statistically accurate sample size the polls to not accurately reflect the population as a whole.  “Data for this daily update is collected via nightly telephone surveys and reported on a three-day rolling average basis.”  This sample is skewed toward the elderly and the heavily influenced by MSM.

Don’t ever get sucked into claiming that the American Public has turned against Obama solely based on polls, quoting agencies that will turn on us in a moment. Maintain a critical eye and strong voice of opposition to all forms of State Controlled Media products!