Let's Talk About Race: Gates, Obama and Keyes

Racism has reared its ugly head once again, haunting America as if from the great beyond.

At least that is what El Presidente Barak (sp) Obama would have us believe. I for one don’t buy it. Prejudice has always existed in one form or another in every geographic area throughout history. To imply that America is unique in our relationship to intramural fighting among groups is folly.

To call a police officer “stupid” before knowing the facts of the case is a pot-kettle case-study.

However considering that the Health Care Reform Bill is off the table, why not tie up the El Duce with a defensive position around his misspoken “un-calibrated” words. (Don’t you just love how Obama can sound smart even while being the opposite – he epitomizes a talent I’ve seen on display many times). Then again, it could be a case of the magicians movements – never underestimate the realpolitik mentality of these folks. In many ways Obama would rather have us talk about race relations and even his tussle and making nice with the Sergeant Crowley than pay attention to the ramrod of the Socialized Medicine Universal State-run Health Care bill. Obama would rather talk about race himself.

Let’s talk about Race.

Alan Keyes is one of the most outspoken men of any colored skin, he addresses the core psychological issues involved in this episode.

Which ‘ism’ on display at Harvard arrest?
Friday July 24, 2009 by Alan Keyes — Though now scrubbed from the Boston Globe website where it was originally posted, what appears to be a .pdf copy of the incident report (#9005127) filed by the officer involved in the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Gates.

To which I would add, the real –ism we see on display here is liberalism. Cambridge is nearly homogonously liberal, and Gates was merely exercising his right to be belligerent without recourse. These actions are the practical out workings of years of his believing what he had been teaching. He is a professor of African American Studies who found the incident an opportunity to vent his frustrations with being a very well paid blow hard at one of the most historically (if no longer) significant institutions of higher education in the world.

However let’s turn the microscope on ourselves, in keeping with good analysis.

What does Alan Keyes recent campaigns for the president (2000,2008) tell us about Conservatism?

How has his experience in politics demonstrated the distance between Conservative principals and the Republican Party?

Why has he been summarily dismissed by the Republican Party elites?

Is there another deeper issue here besides simply getting money and votes?

Are we racist because we did not nominate Alan Keyes to run for president?

Are we (the grassroots and the elite together) so practical to recognize that George W. Bush was the better candidate in 2000?

What would have moved Alan Keyes to the forefront in 2008?  (At 59 years old he is at his presidential prime).

Or, are we not racist because we did not nominate Alan Keys and instead sought the best candidate regardless of race?

Something tells me those in our party who claim moderate positions couldn’t stomach a strong conservative because he was black. These interlopers once again demonstrate the liberalism that infests our political system within Democrats and Republicans from Gates to Obama – “do unto others what you would not have done to you.” I would not call this the Black Rule – but the Dross Rule will do.

Keyes is an example of a Conservative who could have vehemently pointed out racial hypocrisy from a large stage and rallies intellectually astute and morally zealous patriots to the cause of freedom and justice. Instead enough of us balk at the fact that here is a black man who won’t back down from a fight and distinguishes wrong from right. If nothing else, the opportunity to have Alan Keyes hold many of our spineless elected officials feet to the fire was missed.

Gates-Obama fiasco highlights how even in nonsequitor double speak liberals love talking about race mainly because we have not taken the issue away from them with strong traditional hands like Keyes.