What is torture? What is our government NOT telling us?

What is torture? What is our government NOT telling us?

Thinking recently about these torture memos and something doesn’t smell right, and it’s not the stench coming from Eric Holders office. I’m thinking about the Senators and Congressmen sanctimoniously sitting in their leather chairs smiling pitilessly at reporters and cameras and witnesses. They are twisted individuals; we must understand this about our elected representatives.

Politicians have a bad reputation for a reason, many are hard core liars — and those are the one’s with integrity. But, seriously – it is rare to have a statesman or stateswoman who is consistent, especially when it comes to matters of character and truth telling. Who was the last statesman you can remember? This just might be a function of our politicians coming from the ranks of lawyers. No offense to lawyers but most of them are training to lie as a matter of course.

This is our standard MO, getting around the truth through spin. What is it that Bush and Cheney are unwilling to say? Bush obviously will not soil his already beaten and bloodied reputation because he will let history judge his record. Cheney on the other hand has nothing to loose, and is willing to say what is necessary, go on the offensive offensive. Yet, I get the impression that Cheney is wining the battle of words because he is framing the argument in terms he can use and in a way he can win.

What about John Yu, why doesn’t he speak up? Really, he could get a WSJ op-ed in a heart beat. Why doesn’t he go on the offensive? Is it because he knows that even though he is a lawyer he’s not the skilled liar he would need to be in order to prevent state secrets from being leaked. Or, does he believe that in order to make his case he would need to draw on certain facts that are classified, top secret.

To tie a not on this idea – consider Nancy Pelosi (I know it hurts, but try it…)

The arrogance of someone who believes they can stare you in the face and lie, because they know more than you and hold their cards and bluff their way through any and every conversation, because they control the questions they are asked. Or at least they want to control the conversation and they seem to get a bit agitated when they can not control a conversation.

So what did she know? What exact are AIT? I mean the full gamut of Advanced Interogation Techniques.

EIT – Enhanced Interogation Techniques.

Magic is redirection, making people believe one thing while another is happening behind the scenes. It is a matter of mis-definition and framing, if you define a word or an event for someone you can convince them to follow you down any path. We’ve bought the notion that water boarding is an EIT. While it may be part of interrogation it does not strike me as extraordinarily advanced.

Consider, if you speculate and let your mind wander what are the conditions and goals for torture. Let’s go back to basics, the goal of interrogation is the extraction of information, from unwilling subjects using some form of leverage to brake off resistance and create an opening through which reliable and accurate data can flow. We know more about torture from movies like Mission Impossible and shows like 24. Now think about what these speculations tell us about torture and what we are capable of. Technology has allowed us to plumb the depth of human pain and as much of the mind as we can currently comprehend.

MIght EIT really be monitoring psychosomatic stimuli and response, directly inducing pain and disorientation in a nondescript untraceable fashion through the altercation of time lines to the point where the subject would have no other hope that this would cease and desist, no other option but to talk – and even to tell the truth?

Does that sound like something no one would want to talk about?