What stakes are higher than Life and Death?

The Associated Press: US captain’s rescue raises stakes in piracy ops

These dopes in the AP seem to think that by Obama taking decisive action against these terrorists (whether or not that’s what he calls them) they are going to be more aggressive.  Are they brain dead?  Okay we know the answer is functionally yes.  Let me rephrase: how brain dead are they?  These people are imbecilic; we need to ban assault writing devices, input devices and communication transmission devices.  Computers are dangerous in the hands of these idiots. 


When armed men are high jacking ships off of their native coast trust me – the stakes are about as high as they can go.  They were not out for a midnight float and randomly decided to take this boat.  These men premeditated the capture of this ship.  They have little to live for and obviously died for the money they thought they could extort.  The stakes are HIGH.  On a scale of 1-10, I’d rate the stakes a 10 for the men involved.  Trust me the stakes could not be much higher for Captain Phillips.  Yes, his family could have been threatened, but how is killing him not threatening his family?  AP, you do realize that if he dies his wife is widowed and children orphaned, don’t you? 


We live in world with such an impotent and emasculated press that any show of force is seen as escalation.  It is reported as the least desired outcome.  I want bad guys to get whacked by our Navy SEALs.  The more the better.  Anyone who is dumb enough to directly confront our armed forces (by extension of those they protect) deserves to die.  Is that hard to understand?


Would someone please smack some sense into these dolts?  And, yes smack them nicely so that the stakes don’t get out of hand.