Senate Bill rings the death knell of newspapers

You know that newspapers are on life support when congress has to step in with the shock paddles.  These instruments of propaganda are already working hand-in-hand with government to legitimatize One Party Rule.  I would say they are sleeping with the enemy, but one would have to have a prudent understanding of the press and what the first amendment actually entails to consider a newspaper a check on government malfeasance and a watch dog on corruption.  However, let’s consider the silver lining on this dark cloud.


Cardin’s Newspaper Revitalization Act would allow newspapers to operate as nonprofits for educational purposes under the U.S. tax code, giving them a similar status to public broadcasting companies.

Under this arrangement, newspapers would still be free to report on all issues, including political campaigns. But they would be prohibited from making political endorsements.

We, the Redstate…  I’ve always disliked the fact that the Press used to flip the map colors of Red and Blue between elections but in 2000 the Republicans became permanently the color of communism – a coincidence, I don’t believe in them.  We, the Redstate are an insurgent movement now.  In many ways this is a better position for us because it opens the door to take risks and relies more heavily on independent thought and action.  As the opposition to the incumbent and soon to be entrenched Party superstructure we now have the opprotunity to act as the statists did to acquire this power.

We must look to use the litigation driven Saul Alinsky-type activism to combat these abuses of power.  These methods while desetable to our senses are modern suburban terrorism in democratic republics.  The rules of engagdement dictate that we must turn the tools of our demise into the weapons of our reassertion.

When we consider this bill it presents a tax shelter for newspapers not unlike religious institutions.  Our churches are under watch and survailence by the Left.  Many churches and pastors fear for their existance because of the threat of leagal ramifications for speaking the truth.  While I have my position on the degree of faith and committment one demonstrates when they are willing to take on the leadership of a church but will not speak out on crucial issues being kowed into submission to the beuracratic behemouth this fear is our present reality.

Therefore I propose using the laws, interpretations of law, case law in place and public awareness and response to put unbearable pressure on these cross-bred Naga (man-snake).

The key is for the people who want their pound of flesh to have a ounce of patience.  We need to think like a detective and a prosecutor building a case.  One offense, an article or opinion that clearly endorses a political canidate is one piece of evidence.  But we are building a case and will have a stronger one if we keep our powder dry and gain a proponderence of evidence.  This is done by collecting many articles in addition to patterns of ad acceptance and rejection, donations by these corporations, events attended by writters and executives and many other aspects of newspapers explicit and implicit political activities.  There will be numberous subsections of law that we need to explore and understand to make our case airtight and stick.

Now, I say all this with the understanding that this bill probably won’t see the light of day.  However, if it does – we need to be ready.  To those who think that using the legal system to beat liberals is like fighting fire with fire – it is.  And that’s why it works.  We need to burn out the incendiary underbrush in order to frame in the wildfire these political arsonist have unleashed.  Get on board or abandon ship!