Why listen to Obama Speak when His Actions are so Loud

Listening to Obama tonight (against my better judgement) left me with a few impressions:

  1. The job is catching up to him.  His teleprompter was having an off day – Obama was stumbling through his opening remarks.  His eyes look more shadowed, the glimer and glint are gone.
  2. His references to Bush (or the Bushes’) gave me a perspective on the job of president.  I picture GWB sitting around with his staff (Rove, Rummy, Chaney, Condi and many others) thinking and talking through what is the areas where he has the greatest opprotunity for long term positive impact.
  3. Essentially, I see GWB saying (post 9/11) our national security is job one.  Everything is subserviant to that.  Getting re-elected as president is a strong political and professional accomplishment in and of itself.  Rove did his job, keeping his boss employed.  Yes, we the voters got played by a team of governers that were much less ideologically pure than we were lead to believe – what’s new!?
  4. GWB realized that the structrual deficent that Obama referenced multiple times was beyond the scope of his adminstration.  This is a reliving moment of understanding for him.  Obama now realizes the problems he faces will take a political toll on him.  Even if the Party benefits from statist control grabs Obama will have to answer for it’s largess.  The problems with our aging population and massive entitlement including Social Security (which he didn’t mention) and Medi-Care/Aide.
  5. Obama is cold.  Nothing in his response to Wayne’s “tent children question” to Vetran’s concerns and citizens sacrifices gave me any sense that he could give a rat’s rearend about them.  The dude is Ice Man – Jack Frost – Frosty the Snowman… Santa’s Number 1 Elf.

That’s enough for now.  I’ve got some Golden Oreo’s to eat… Thanks Senor Barack for taking over my TV:

What are you going to take over next?