Some people have to learn the hard way...

And some people never learn.  With each passing day I am wondering when this house of cards will come tumbling down.  The sooner the better because if we continue this gradual slouching into Gomorrah slowly enough we will never return. 

I’m sure each of you had similar experiences, unless you are holed up in some enclave of patriotism.  A few of my friends were taken in by Obama’s rhetoric and the MSM’s fawning coverage of his campaign.  A couple came around thankfully.  But I got to the point of shrugging my shoulders in disgust when discussing the 2008 Presidential Campaign with the dense fence of pseudo- intellectualism that personified the clueless supporters of the Messiah. 

Their reasons for support were always convoluted and circular.  And at this point I’ve decided not to pursue further debate with them, mainly because my seething anger might rear its ugly head and destroy any future dialog.  Honestly there may be little future dialog to be had anyway – I refuse to be PC’d into acquiescence and made my strong views known time and time again.  More to the point, there is no convincing or persuading these sycophants.  Why bother in an exercise in futility. 

Instead I hope that they hit “Rock Bottom.”  Like any addict or criminal only when you stop the charade and want to change does the light of day shine into your life.  Or you have to be caught in your lies. 

So I hope that reality will set in.  With each passing day I pray that somehow these men and women will realize what they have done to this country.  Is it too much to ask that Obama’s over reaching creative destruction of this country will result in rubble landing on the heads of my friends?  Might some wake up with a glimpse into the future dystopia that is being wrought before our eyes?  Unfortunately I fear that the barriers to truth are too great. 

They don’t get any disconfirming evidence outside of their sphere of liberalism.  They are functionally wedded to the agenda of liberalism.  What do they say about a liberal that is mugged…?  I can only hope that enough muggers are still around after all the tax payers money is redistributed to the homeless, downtrodden and marginalized of society.