Obama kept one promise - To Soros!

Obama is not singing a different tune, and he’s not being rolled by Pelosi and Reed.  He’s doing exactly what he came into office to do – crush the American economy and bring this experiment in liberty to a halt.  One reason that I can empirically make this claim is Obama’s ties to George Soros.  We know that Soros tacitly supported Clinton Crime Syndicate Joint ventures.  This is obviously to better move his plans forward.  George Soros is a broader representation of these “citizens of the world” who seek to influence the political process of multiple nations and entire regions.  

They are the investor class who does not care about taxes being raised.  They are protected because of their donations to socialist causes.  Once you have money and you have bought a ton of stuff you realize that the only thing it is good for in mass quantities is getting more money – or buying power. Higher taxes will not affect those who are exempt (see Geithner and Dashel et al.) or those who get the trappings of wealth without earning a cent. Dictators and entrenched politicians of democracy and their nepotistic cronies in bureaucracy eat at the finest restaurants, vacation in the hottest international destinations and have any item and doting servants that the wealthiest business owner might have. There are other ways to enjoy the high life – steal it from other people.  

When Soros saw an opportunity to co-opt the Obama presidency he did it.  In Obama he has someone who will carry out his plans to a tee. Now here is the clincher – Soros has made money shorting the dollar, which is basically betting against the US currency in such mass quantities that institutional investors follow thus debasing the currency and affecting the market in the direction of his position. Likewise why make 8% in funds circa 1996-2006 – when you can make 100X your investment in overseas operations. But the only way for this to happen is for the US to be knocked off of its economic pedestal.  Capital seeks the greatest returns available.  Right now confidence is shaken in all markets, but as the US currency is decoupled and the consumer of last resort is reduced to shriveling masses in bread lines other nations economies will grow and the holdings of Soros and others will increase substantially.  

Obama is making good on his promise to his handlers – and the proof of the pudding is in the tasting.