Why our economy collaspes? There are no business schools.

I’d like to know what the educational background is of the executive staff in The Fortune 100 companies.  I can guarantee that education outside of liberal schools represents less than 5%, maybe less than 3%.  I bet that 99.9% have a BS/BA, most from left leaning institutions.  Many will have MBAs from “top tier” business schools –HBS, Wharton, etc.  Some may even have doctorate level degrees in related fields.  

Have we ever stopped to think about what type of employee these schools are creating?  I can guarantee you that the degrees and education these students have received do not produce capitalistentrepreneurs.  These employees are activists, they are not really even business men and women.  Oh yes, they perform the day to day operations and are held accountable for profit and loss, however their view of the company and the country are not one of independence and autonomy from the government.  It is one of Corporate Social Responsibility and Public and Private Interdependence.  
These leaders of enterprize are now liberal not conservative.  Most have twisted notions of what made this country great in the first place.  Even if some few vote Republican and occasionally donate to the GOP or canidates this is simply playing both sides of the field.  We know the difference between true blue dyed in the wool conservatives and casual RINOs or even establishment Republicans.  I ask again: what is the difference between Republicans In Name Only and Republicans?  Out leaders of industry are no better than the crooks in charge of government or the loosers teaching from their ivory towers.  
The executive suite in Fortune 100 or 500 companies are not people who seek to confront government control of industry in favor of free market liberty. They agree with socialism in principle and will bow to the wishes of government. They have been given their positions of power in industry presisely for this reason.