Social Conservatism is Conservatism

The Only Effective Strategy: Social Conservatism is Conservatism

Every member of Redstate understands what is at stake – we are fighting for the very soul of this nation. Debates between factions of Right leaning groups are healthy. They can also destroy a much needed and previously strong coalition. Believe me our nation has been systematically deconstructed by her enemies within and without – and if we on the right can not fight together, we will die alone (thank you Jack Shepherd, Lost).

All Libertarians will not agree with this, however some will. All SoCons will not agree with this, but they all should. Every Liberal NE-type Republican will disagree with this and that is the point. This approach to reconciling many differences on the Right in order to reclaim and remake the Republican Party as the Vehicle of Conservatism will purge us of the virus of weakness and fear propagated by the spineless moderates who pretend to speak for us.

John McCain became our nominee and Barack Obama became our president because Centrist Republicans (RINOs) recognize that according to Game Theory giving yourself the worst of two favorable options (a democrat president) is better than allowing for the possibility of your most hated option (a strong conservative and especially a socially conservative leader who speaks truth and principle). Liberals who have invaded the seats of power in Our Party have directed us into this One Party quagmire because what they fear most is a Morally Solid Leader with a Transformationally Restorative Vision of America. These Rockefeller Republicans will do everything they can to deprive our nation of its just heritage in order to have free reign within bureaucracies and their own debauchery – which are not so far removed from each other.

The Only Effective Strategy is to move one step further with Reagan’s Three Legged Stool and build a Five Tiered Pyramid which graduates the principles – all of which are essential and none of which are dispensable.

               //  National Defense 

/Limited Government / Economic Liberty /Personal Responsibility/ Moral Foundation

Libertarians must understand that Economic Liberty is morally correct because it rests upon Personal Responsibility (which implies personal freedom but is not geared toward giving license for all activities) and most importantly a Moral Foundation. This foundation is what gives the argument for removing government from our private lives weight. Without it Libertarianism crumbles just like Capitalism will erode without moral leaders in public and private life. Free markets are not free simply because we do not touch them. If we do not slap the Invisible Hand the directs the market as well as our conscience then Laissez-Faire will fight handouts. In any other condition the freedom we all treasure will be taken from us at the barrel of a gun.

Social Conservatives must recognize that our greatest failure has been the inability to engage the culture at the personal responsibility level. We must have the courage to lead and take on the flaming darts of enemies with our shields fighting with our swords. We must not give up on this Post-Christian country and instead call out for repentance and restoration. We must be willing to sacrifice our comforts as required. We must see economic freedom and inexorably linked to religious freedom, where one falls the other will follow. We must not confuse Princess Di good works such as flamboyant demonstrations of large group even government sponsored Savior Activism, see Bono and Angelina Jolie with Mother Theresa one-on-one personal commitment caring for the least of these not in India but in Indiana and all of our neighborhoods. Most importantly we must see the difference between personal responsibility and parental control when drafting our laws. And everyone in this party must agree that all laws inherently contain moral assumptions.

Moderate Republicans must get the hell out. Your money is no good here anymore.

If the Conservatives get this part right, the committees, campaigns, elections and fund raising will follow. There is no monopoly in the Republican Party, yet. We can still take back the Elephant bite by bite, but we must remember not to ignore his presence in the room. We need to have a unified vision for America that permeates our roots. Then we will see the fruit of our labors over the next 2-4 years and beyond.