The War - Go Big or go home?

In the article:


“The New Anti-War Right”, by Reihan Salam

Rep. Jason Chaffetz is quoted.

If you read what Rep. Chaffetz said:


The question is do we have a new “anti-war right” or do we have a bunch of conservatives that want to avoid war, and if required, go to win?

My favorite quote from Chaffetz:

“Mr. President, go big or go home. Our Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines are trained to fight and WIN wars. They are the best trained and equipped fighting force in the world. But we’ve tied their hands. The American people want us to give our troops everything they need to win so they can come home. In short, give them everything they need or bring the troops home.”

the other key point I like is this:

“If our mission in Afghanistan is simply to protect the populace and build the nation, then I believe the time has come to bring our troops home.”

While President Obama is Commander-in-chief, (until we get smart enough and vote him out in 2012), and we should be supportive of our troops in harms way, I hope more people will think twice as to the direction the President is going.