Working Mothers for McCain/Palin

As a working mother and recently a new small business owner, I am very proud, excited, and relieved that Senator McCain selected Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate. McCain’s announcement today has not only rejuvenated me as a Republican dedicated to the cause, but has done the same for many of my Republican women friends and colleagues.

I am a 40-year old, Cuban-Chinese (naturalized) American, professional, wife, and mother of 3 boys (16, 7, and 3 living in Cincinnati, OH. My parents are Cuban immigrants who embody the promise of America and not by chance staunch Republicans. They raised my younger sister (now an OB/GYN in Jacksonville, FL, wife, and mother of three) and me with strong convictions, an incredible work ethic, and conservative values. My parents managed to put my sister and me through college on blue collar job salaries. My father, an accountant in Cuba, worked for 25 years for the US Postal Service. My mother, a teacher and principal in Cuba, started in retail when she came to the US and worked her way from a minimum wage sales clerk to a district manager — eventually earning a decent living. They saved and managed their money well and were able to not only give my sister and me everything we needed, but to also take care of my grandparents, pay off their house and cars, and retire comfortably. Their story is truly one of the American dream and they are forever grateful to our great country for giving them the opportunity to be able to work hard and raise their children in a safe, free, democratic, and capitalist society.

As a working woman, my mother counted with the help of my grandmother to take care of my sister and me when we were growing up. Now my mother takes care of my 94 year old grandmother, who is afflicted with Alzheimer’s. Growing up and till this day, my sister and I don’t feel that we were cheated of our mother’s love and attention because she had to work six days per week. On the contrary, our mother gave us the great gift of letting us experience firsthand that a woman can be a loving mother and wife, while also being successful in her career. She is an inspiration to both my sister and me, and we can only hope to follow in her great footsteps. That is why, I am appalled that liberal criticizers are already commenting on Governor Palin’s ability (or supposedly inability) to be VP and still take care of her family –particularly her beautiful, special needs infant boy. Judging by her successful 20 year marriage, oldest son going off to Iraq, three beautiful daughters, and a strong track record of civil service in the great state of Alaska; Sarah Palin seems to be a well grounded, family oriented, strong woman that should be an inspiration to both men and women — not a threat (except to the Obama-Biden ticket).

Governor Palin will make a great Vice President. Although my roots are Cuban, they are not very different from Governor Palin’s. I also consider myself a strong woman, but I am not a feminist. I have always felt that through my hard work and own merits that I could be successful without special help. I worked my way up, over 20 years, from an associate manufacturing engineer in Miami, Florida to a VP at a public medical device manufacturing company in Cincinnati, OH. For this reason, the announcement of a conservative, well deserving, strong woman of real values running for VP of our county has rejuvenated my enthusiasm for this election and close race. I am not a blogger or someone that would have thought to post such a personal account on-line, but I wanted to share my family’s and my story in an effort to voice (amplify) my strong support for this exciting new Republican ticket.

Governor Palin, soon to be Vice President Palin, embodies change, executive experience, working America conservative values, and strong religious convictions. She is bright, eloquent, and attractive. Palin seems to have good judgment and demonstrates a good understanding of what this country really needs. She has inspired me to become more involved in this election and also in my community. This is a great day for women, Republicans, and Americans, of which I’m glad my candidate for VP and I are all three.

By Elsa