Triple Lutz Report--Airline Expert: Charge Passengers By The Pound--Episode 148

The former chief economist of Quantas Airlines believes the super-sized set is costing airlines way too much. He claims heavier passengers are costing an additional $472 per flight, in added fuel costs. His solution, charge passengers by the pound. If you’re above average in weight, you pay a price for each additional pound. Not that he’s going to give supermodels discounts even though they’re “saving” the airlines a fortune. After all, that lower BMI is money in the bank for every greedy airline industry.

The nickel and diming that the flying public is continually subjected to isn’t addressed either. From overweight baggage fees, to extortionate food sales, to exorbitant flight change fees, the airlines are screwing their customers at every possible opportunity. Why can’t they just level with the public and increase prices to achieve profitability. Everyone understands that soaring energy costs make it harder for them to stay in business. A little bit of honesty would go a long way.

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