Triple Lutz Report--Record Black Friday Unrest

Record numbers of Americans found themselves stuck in Black Friday mob scenes across the country. There were reports of shootings, pepper sprayings, riots and a lot of bad behavior. As FinancialCollapseBlog.com said, “Look what’s happening when people are trying to save $20, can you imagine what it will be like when millions of people don’t know where their next meal is coming from?” This orgy of consumerism seems to bring out the worst in people. Understanding why is beyond the scope of this report, however, it seems to be indicative of a larger problem that is confronting the country and the world. Whereas families used to stay at home and enjoy close times during Thanksgiving, the definition of entertainment and the need to shop have supplanted these healthy family get togethers. It is unfortunate that much of the country has lost site of the important things in life. Perhaps, as we travel further down the road of economic collapse, there will be a return to traditional values. One can only hope.

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