#1013bomb Aftermath - My Picks

Tonight, helped by the folks here at RedState, Hot Air, and other respectable right-leaning folks, a drive was held over Twitter to draw attention to conservative candidates who could really use some help in the last three weeks of this campaign.

I took part as well, and I’m sure I ticked off my more liberal followers on twitter with the #1013bomb hashtag coming through repeatedly – but, well, to heck with them. 

I highlighted some candidates in my own tweets, as well as highlighting some others that got sent out. Here’s who I pushed, as much as I could, in my own tiny, almost-broke kind of way:

My tweets:

1. Mike Keown (@mikekeown), GA-02, running against Sanford Bishop. I will probably not be receiving a scholarship from Bishop anytime soon.

2. Renee Ellmers, (@reneeforcongress) NC-02, running against Bob Etheridge. Hopefully Etheridge won’t start shoving me on the street.

3. Liz Carter (@lisbethcarter), GA-04, running against Hank Johnson. Johnson may be too busy worrying about Guam.

4. Joe Walsh (@JoeWalsh8th), IL-08, who is running against Melissa Bean and her hired thug(s). He was not in the Eagles, but maybe life can be good to him.

5. Vicky Hartzler (@vickyhartzler), MO-04, running against Ike Skelton.

6. Ray McKinney (@raymckinney), GA-12, who has moved within striking distance of fake blue dog John Barrow.

Mostly local, but a few other races that are within arms’ reach.