Palin and Bush doctrine

I saw Gov Palin being interviewed on ABC News. She was asked her opinion of the Bush Doctrine. She would not give a straight forward answer. Why didn’t answer it straight forward? My guess is that she doesn’t want to praise the Bush doctrine lest she offend independents and Democrats who dislike Bush, nor does she want to denonce Bush which would offend the conservative base. This action really disapoints me. It seems like she is already subcumbing to the disease of politics as usual, dodging important questions like every other politician. She seems to be acting like a typical ordinary politician. All this talk about reforming government, her baby with Down syndrome, and moose hunting just seems like a bunch of props to maneuver her way into office.
But I am still voting for McCain-Palin simply because it will be a nightmare for our nation for Obama to win. But I am not very exciting about McCain or Palin. I was already planning on voting for McCain before he made his VP choice.