Pawlenty for VP

In my opinion Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty would be the perfect choice for McCain’s VP. Why? There are several qualifications a the veep needs to have;

1: Should be solidly conservative and attract votes from all ultra- conservatives, especially from the religious right. 2: Should be young and good-looking. 3: Should from a critical swing state. 4: Needs to be able to handle the presidency (in case McCain dies in office as president). Correct me if I’m wrong, but based on what I know it seems like Pawlenty is the one who meets all of these criteria. Especially since he is a Christian conservative, he would do well on #1. I think Tom Ridge would be a good running mate too, but he is pro-choice which I’m afraid might make him less popular with evangelicals. I am an evangelical Christian myself, and I will vote for McCain regardless of who his veep is.