Currency War, Amnesty, Stagflation,=World War

Ahh ingredients! Want to bake a cake? You need the right ingredients. Let’s take a look at what we have in the proverbial fridge:

1. Currency War===G20 meets to attempt to stabilize world printing presses but the plan goes nowhere. The US Federal Reserve is pumping $45B a month, Japan devaluing the Yen, the EU developing their doomsday bailout/recapitalization for their banks.

2. Stagflation–due to over printing is a horrible little economic trend where inflation rises and wages fall. Hmm–gas prices, food prices, durable good input prices. The average American household income in 2008 was $54,000 and today is $50,000.

3. Amnesty for illegal aliens—immediately amplifies Stagflation by further depressing wages and contributing more pressure to food and gas prices.

So how does all the above correlate into a World War?? Depressed currencies causing prices to rise, while millions more of cheap labor max out the labor pool for what jobs are left, governments try to intervene through the public dole, while borrowing costs rise exponentially. The printing presses continue to run but resources become scarce due to hording and boom friction explodes. Domino effect ensues and the World is at War.