Hit them Hard and Hit them Now

Seems like the D.C. Repubs are at a loss for direction. The MSM has boxed them in and like lemmings they are charging full speed ahead over the cliff to their extinction. WHY?????

1. MSM’s influence over low information voters???
2. Hollywood desensitizing????
3. Public education ruled by unions bent on their own benefit versus the students????

The list goes on but what do we do????
1. Re-elect Leadership losers????
2. Sign White House petitions that mean nothing???
3. Express outrage in online chats and blogs????
4. Cower in the corner and hope for better days????

Where did the TEA PARTY GO??? We need to HIT them hard and Hit them now! HOW???

1. If every tea party supporter decided to buy 10-100 shares of the following companies to gain 20% ownership in them then we would have a true voice. Those companies are:
a. Comcast—gets you NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, and host of other properties.
b. Time Warner—gets you CNN, HLN, and Warner Brothers Studios along with many other media properties
c. Walt Disney—gets you ESPN, ABC, and its many Disney Properties.

WHY: If the Tea Party owns a 20%+ stake in these companies then you can drive the content, news rooms, and more importantly on-air talent. If you want your voice to be heard then you must own/control the snake charmers of the low information voters.

Think about it–if you are support the RNC, RSC, or any other Republican mainstream organization what has that bought you???  Is your voice being heard?  What if you took your money and applied it to a joint force operation to take down the MSM instead??

Say it can’t be done??  Say what’s in it for me???  Will I lose money??? I have no idea on how to get started???

Listen up—you had better figure out a way because the MSM is coming after the Right and the Tea Party.  You also know that continuing to do the same things and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.  If you truely hold your liberties dear, then you better start doing the right things and stop wasting time on the wrong things.

HIT them where they are most vulnerable and use the rules they put in place to do it!

Also, push the 30 Republican governors to enact Right to Work laws and to stop union due collection from payroll deductions.

HIT them here, and you will knock out a key support structure of the American Left and the Democrat Party machine.

Talking about it and hoping for better days constitutes in-actions that the Left will use to strangle the Tea Party.