Cont. Goals for 2014 and Beyond--Confronting the Media Palace Guards

To elaborate more on the media side of things and why it is important to capture and own the education delivery mechanism of America (I know its contrary to school choice but TV/Pop Culture educates more people than school and that is sad) so we need to own it, manage it’s content, and most importantly take the high ground away from the Democrats (the strategic kind not the moral kind).
So think of it as a activist shareholder move—we can leverage the infrastructure of the grassroots Tea Party organizations to pick a coordinated week to buy shares of the publicly traded companies of Disney and Comcast with the goal of acquiring 20-30% of the publicly traded shares. That gives us a seat at the table and considerable leverage with the C-suite. We would also need to shore up News Corp by doing the same before George Soros caught on.
Think about it. 2 to 4 million individuals buying 10 shares or more on the open market in these companies as a coordinated effort and then voting those shares as one voice. That would cause a huge ripple effect and it would catch the media off guard.