Goals for 2014 and beyond

So we got slobber knocked at the national level. We want to change that but sit back and ponder what went wrong instead of what went right.

We have 30 governors of 30 states and that’s a heck of start for 2014.

As conservatives in these states we need to push for 4 things:

1. Drug testing for welfare benefits
2. Stop collecting union dues automatically–let the unions collect their own dues.
3. Eliminate state income tax in each of these 30 states
4. Resist implementation of the state healthcare exchanges and expansion of Medicaid.

For 2014 our goals should be 3 things.

1. Nominate and elect Tea Party candidates
2. Capture 6 more govenorships
3. Capture 8 Senate seats and retain the ones we have.

For the media we need to do the following:
1. Buyout Disney
2. Buyout Comcast

This would enable us to purge ABC, NBC and their affilliated properties of liberal commentators and more importantly CONTENT. If we want to win the media war then we are going to have to own the distribution channels.