Why We Lost and What We Can Do

OK everyone is looking for the answers and looking to place blame! Here it is in a nutshell!

1. Message and Strategy
a. We will fix the economy but we did not discuss
b. We will reduce/simplify the tax code but did not
discuss HOW!
c. We nominated and believed in a blue/purple state
state Republican to carry our mantle.
d. We failed to account for big labor, single moms,
e. Blind belief in Independents and Reagan
Reagan Democrats are as informed as die hard

f. We had no plan to fix the housing crisis.

What we can do right now—tactical strategy.

1. Propose and implement in our party plank an
end to corporate welfare specifically Wind/Solar/Big
Oil subsidies. Propose to take that money and offer
tax credits to small business to train current Welfare
low income benefit folks with job skills needed for
those small business’ to succeed.
Target audience small business, low skilled workers, big labor, and single moms.
Make it an apprenticeship based system in the private sector.

Reducing and simplifying the tax code–we need to highlight the cost of the current tax code and relate it back to reduced worker compensation, job creation, and hiring. We need to make it simple for an individual to fill out their personal tax return with a one page form. We need to cut the rates to a flat 10 and 20% of income with a deduction limit of up to $30,000 for top income earners and a standard deduction of $6,000 per individual.
Target audience–single moms, low income earners, and every tax payer.

On the corporate tax side of the house–reduce the corporate rate of a flat rate of 15% and no deductions. C-corps, LLC’s, S-Corps, and Non-Profits would all have to chip in.

Target audience–Business Owners

3. On nominating and running a purple/blue state Republican. We need to realize that putting these folks up for President will not bring the base. We will spend to much time and money trying in vain in attempting to create this type of candidate as one that believes in the core values of the party. The base will never fully be vested in this person because for a Republican to win in a Purple/Blue state they must contort themselves into something that does not reflect core Republican values.

4. Accounting for immigrants, big labor, and single moms. One we need to dispel the myth that these folks vote Democrat for the freebies! A small minority do but most folks in this group want a better life especially in the immigrant community and single moms. The fundamental problem is we as the Republican party do a poor job of explaining to them in simple terms how we and our values can help them. Demonizing them as freeloaders is not a winning strategy. Approach it from the perspective of they want to succeed but are not aware of HOW! We need to explain HOW we can help them through private sector job training, cheaper gas prices, affordable housing, a streamlined path to citizenship. But we must convey our expectations of hard work and education with a simple message of WE HEAR YOU and WE WILL NOT LEAVE YOU BEHIND.

5. The low information voter–independents, Reagan Democrats, immigrants, minorities, single-moms. Realize we need to capture these folks early in the game by simplifying our message from the outset. If it takes more than a one page ad to articulate our positions then we will lose these folks. They are low information voters for a reason and we have to hit our points in the most simplistic form with the proper balance of wonk and heart to reach&keep these folks.

6. The fix to the housing crisis—HAVE A PLAN and EXPLAIN HOW you will fix this. Suggestion—have Freddie and Fannie immediately compel the banks to refinance every loan regardless of income and home values to today’s low rates. Sure their will be foreclosures to come, sure the banks will lose money in the short run, sure legal eagles will dispute contract law.

Target audience–every American that feels Banks are bad and the Government is in bed with the Banks.

In the intermediate term–once the mass refinance is done–start privatizing Freddie and Fannie–break them up into 10-20 entities without government support.

Target audience:  Every home owner in America.

This is an approach and I am sure their are others: Would love to hear them