To Cook A Goose

Currently, President Obama is rolling up his sleeves this weekend; not to play golf but to work an a balanced approach to rasing the debt ceiling.  This is our opportunity to cook his goose.  He is already a little crispy but lets make sure he is Done!

The Plan:

Raise the debt by 2.4T or what ever number past the 2012 election but make it hard to spend.  Tie up appropriation bills for non-defence, non-entitlement spending until Obama presents his budget on paper.  Then pass appropriation bills with 25% less than fiscal year 2007’s budget in all other areas.  Second, freeze federal workers pay for 10 years and reduce current staffing levels by 15% in non-defence areas.  Third, stop all payments,  fund transfers, tax dollars for OBAMACARE.

Itemize these cuts in the budget and let President Obama justify to the American public the need for these things.  It would be fun to watch.

Remember, it’s not the Debt Ceiling, its the spending.  Just because we authorize an increase in the credit card balance does not mean we have to spend it.  We push hard on our Republicans to quell the spending then we can rasie the debt ceiling by $10T and it wont matter. 

We put President Obama in the spotlight to justify his spending line by line and let’s see what happens.  I bet he goes below 30% approval.