Are Conservative Voters Turning Off ALL Cable News?

I did something new this year – I was so sick of screaming at my TV that I turned off cable news channels altogether. Not just slimy Fox, but all of them.

And then something interesting happened – I started sleeping better, feeling better all day, my blood pressure was going down.

And tonight I found that I wasn’t alone – not by a long shot. The results of a HIGHLY scientific survey I conducted this evening (16 online respondents) indicate that YOU, my conservative friends, are leaving cable TV news behind in droves. And feeling better for it.

In order to conduct this scientific poll with an extreme degree of accuracy, I needed a large base of conservatives who would respond quickly (before dinner). So I turned to the highest volume Constitutional Conservative comment board around – El SooperMexican’s fabulous Cruz-loving website, TheRightScoop, where contributors are sometimes known to crank out nearly 1,000 Cruz-loving comments and Trump-troll insults per hour.

El SooperMexican, pontificating on all things Conservative.

To reach them at their peak efficiency (for scientific purposes), I decided to survey the Cruz supporters in their most native habitat – while they cheered Mark Levin’s radio show as he screamed at Trump-bots, “GET OFF MY PHONE YOU MORON!!”. According to keen scientific observation, there are no sounds in the wild that are more delightful to a Cruz supporter than the joyous shouts of Mr. Levin as he puts another Trump-loving idiot in their place.

The results? One hundred percent of respondents have switched off the Fraud News Channel, CNN, and MSLSD to a greater or lesser degree.

Some have stopped watching on TV, but still watch some highlights online when Cruz is being interviewed, such as commenters quivive and prlgrl, while swpiston is “pretty damn close to 100%”. Some, like me, have turned it off for the health benefits and lower blood pressure, like Aloha12 (avoiding the high blood pressure), CincyCFlorida (better sleep and lower blood pressure), and Im4Cruz (lower BP).

AZBrownEyes simply said “I don’t need them”, Proud Veteran said “I don’t miss any of them in the least”, and afvet4america said he did it years ago because “most of it was trash being piped into my home, so I cut it off”. Shadowman and Conserv1776 cut out cable news in favor of educational programming – Nat Geo, History Channel, A&E, NatGeo Wild, Destination America. Timshel found time to read a lot of books on the old reading list instead of watching cable news.

Some of us have replaced cable news with the new conservative media. For instance, JellyBrains said “I listen to Levin and read TRS [TheRightScoop website]”, while Gutterboy said the “Only news we watch is The Blaze”. I myself now get all my news from RedState, The Blaze (Glenn Beck, Pat, Stu and crew), Levin, and Steve Deace’s nightly radio show. I know that several others are now subscribing to the new Levin TV.

Summing up a lot of folk’s feelings was stephmcg, who said “I realized that I knew more information than their … pundits. They are just spinning……..not much truth…just spin”.

And that’s the problem for any well-read conservative trying to watch any cable news – YOU are far more informed than the talking heads on the idiot-box. And the natural reaction, like for me, is for the blood pressure to rise while the lies and misinformation spew across the airwaves.

So is it better simply to turn it off, tune out, grab a good book or enjoy a couple of hours of Mark Levin yelling at Trump’s minions? Only you can decide. Buy you should know – science says the chances are very high that you’ve already begun tuning out the cable news channels, and that you are feeling better for it.

So the next time you feel like reaching for that remote, take some scientific advice. As Mark Levin would say, don’t give your valuable viewership to Deface the Nation, Meet the Depressed, Morning Schmoe, Screwball on Screwball, The Non-Factor, or Rachel Madcow. Your heart doctor will love you for it.

rubio levin
Levin TV – it’s a little bit better than the old “Countdown to No Ratings, with Keith Overbite”