Did Rubio Endorse Cruz Yesterday?

I do not have the LevinTV subscription, but reports are that Marco was on with Levin yesterday and stated that his delegates should vote for Cruz:

“I want the Republican nominee to be a conservative … and the best person — and in my view the only person at this moment of the candidates still currently campaigning — is Ted Cruz.”

Hugh Hewitt called it an endorsement:

“Mark Levin is 100 percent with Ted Cruz. For Sen. Rubio to … sit down with Levin and say ‘I want him [Cruz] to be the real conservative’ — that’s an endorsement in all but name and I think that’s very significant.”

Rubio also stated that he was not interested in any VP slot with Trump, and said that the TV networks were just using the Republican debates for entertainment:

“Most of these debates were promoted and conducted as entertainment … let’s see what someone’s going to say about so and so and the entire debate is judged based on who got in the best zingers, who got in the best lines, what was the most dramatic moment,” Rubio said.

This is the type of big-time endorsement I would think that Cruz and Rubio would want to announce at a big rally and follow up with a bunch of press, rather than a low-key discussion on LevinTV. So is it a full throated endorsement, or is Rubio still jockeying to stop Trump for possible consideration at the convention?

The plot thickens…