Cruz Gives the Boot to New Jersey Birther Tinfoil Brigade

Judge Jeff Masin ruled that Cruz is a “natural-born citizen” per the Constitution yesterday in Trenton, NJ. The ruling came in a suit filed with the Secretary of State’s office by some New Jersey birther nutjobbers true believers.

This group of InfoWars heroes was led by a law professor from Catholic University of America. Which has to make one question what kind of lawyering is taught at Wasington DC’s Catholic University of America at an estimated total cost of $66,148 per year.

Judge Masin stated that the Constitution was on Cruz’s side:

“The more persuasive legal analysis is that such a child, born of a citizen-father, citizen-mother, or both, is indeed a ‘natural born citizen’ within the contemplation of the Constitution,” Administrative Law Judge Jeff Masin wrote.

However, in a sentence fragment that will undoubtedly make the birthers go cuckoo for Cocoa-puffs, Judge Masin did allow that birther theories can never be completely shot down until SCOTUS gives a definitive ruling.

According to UPI and other press reports, the birther booger-eaters brigade have now been tossed out of courts or agencies in New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Illinois, New Jersey, Arkansas, Texas, Alabama, New York, and Utah, and possibly other jurisdictions.

These conspiracy morons researchers are nothing if not persistent in their copy & paste efforts to spam inform the courts from sea to shining sea. However, much like their dear leader Donald Drumpf trying to score a date with a Rocky Mountain delegate, the birthers have consistently tripped over their own shoelaces and busted their noses on the courthouse steps before ever getting in the door. Their middle-school civics class attempts at swaying the judiciary have often failed due to badly missed filing deadlines, wrong jurisdictions, and a complete lack of anything remotely resembling standing to sue. In fact, this was one of only two case dismissals I’ve read where a judge even bothered to articulate a Constitutional reason before waving them off like a fart at a funeral.

Next stop for the Garden State’s loony-tunes army birther brigade is at the Secretary of State’s office for confirmation of Judge Masin’s ruling, and then onward to spam their copy & paste screed appeal to state court.